Kurlander Writes in Sun Sentinel: Retarded Freedom of Speech Borders On Fanaticism

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Retarded Free Speech: Suppression of cultural lingo borders on fanaticism

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 01/31/2013




 Banning the use of the words or ostracizing people who use them 

actually promotes their vile use even more, making them 

more cutting because they are such a cultural no-no.


Flacco started Super Bowl Week being taken down for his “poor choice of words”

by Steven Kurlander


Remember the great comedian George Carlin’s infamous “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” routine that mocked decency standards of the FCC and the puritanical nature of American culture in the 1970s?


The broadcasting of those same seven words resulted in a Supreme Court decision that formally established “decency” broadcasting standards and “obscenity” guidelines that have become antiquated.

But as our intolerance for obscenities has diminished, there’s been a corresponding fanaticism for the suppression of certain slurs that are interpreted and used in an especially demeaning and derogatory manner.
Banning the use of what amounts to insensitive cultural lingo has resulted in an analogous rise in the usage of euphemisms such as “n-word” or the “c-word.”
And once in a while, someone gets rebuked for their choice of such terrible words, no matter the context.
Director Quentin Taratino’s usage of the “n-word” in his latest movie “Django Unchained,” was a recent issue.


This week, it’s the use of the “r-word”…


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