NY Driver Safety Group Praises AG Schneiderman on Staged Accident Bust

Driver Endorsed
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New Yorkers Stand Against Insurance Fraud Calls for

Standalone Staged Accident Crime, AKA “Alice’s Law”


New York–Jan. 29…New Yorkers Stand Against Insurance Fraud (NYSAIF), an organization of concerned New York motorists seeking to make staged auto accidents a standalone crime and to crack down on insurance fraud driving up consumer rates, today praised New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for a series of arrests announced this weekend that will make New York roads a little bit safer.
The Attorney General’s office announced the arrest of 16 individuals over the weekend who were allegedly involved in six separate staged accidents schemes — including crashes into a New York City bus, livery vehicles, and rented cars.
“Staged accidents pose a serious threat to the lives of New York drivers, and NYSAIF is pleased that Attorney General Schneiderman has made these 16 arrests,” said NYSAIF spokesman David Schwartz. “It is imperative, though, that New York’s law enforcement community be given additional tools to crack down on these wanton criminal acts costing New York drivers hundreds of millions of dollars in added insurance costs — and at least one innocent driver her life. On behalf of every New York driver, NYSAIF continues to press for passage of ‘Alice’s Law’, which will finally make staged accidents a standalone felony under New York penal law.”
Alice’s Law is named for Alice Ross, a Queens grandmother who was killed in 2003 during a staged auto accident.  Similar versions of the Alice’s Law legislation passed the State Senate and State Assembly last year, but the bills were not reconciled before the legislative session ended in Albany.
Attorney General Schneiderman said in a news release issued from his office: “”This all-too-common staged accident scheme puts innocent lives in danger so perpetrators can rip off the system to make a quick buck. Breaking up these criminal operations means safer streets and a fairer market for consumers whose insurance premiums skyrocket as a result of this kind of fraud.”
For more information, please visit: nysaif.org

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