Being a “blue state” is not a permanent diagnosis

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January 24, 2013
Hello all,


I’m down at the RNC Winter Meeting in Charlotte with State Party Executive Director Mike Lawler and Political Director Joe Uddo and we’d like to share with you a few words that our National Chairman, Reince Priebus, will deliver this week.


His message to us is that party building is year-round, not a once-every-four-years or even once-a-year phenomenon.


This year, we at the State Party are continuing to enhance our messaging operation, high-tech data management systems and community outreach efforts – the “welcoming in” that Chairman Priebus describes below.


Working together, volunteering our time and our financial support, we will build a stronger New York Republican Party.  A stronger party means a stronger New York, and a stronger New York means a stronger America.

Ed Cox Signature 

Ed Cox

Chairman, NYGOP


A few words from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:


“It’s time to stop looking at elections through the lens of ‘battleground states.’ We have four years till the next presidential election, and being a ‘blue state’ is NOT a permanent diagnosis. … Simple ‘outreach’ a few months before an election will not suffice. In fact, let’s stop talking about ‘reaching out’-and start working on welcoming in.


“Political support is cultivated over time-not collected on Election Day. … In order to do all this, we need to empower, equip and train our candidates, volunteers, and operatives…whether it’s a college activist recruiting volunteers in Pasadena or a small businesswoman running for town council in New Jersey.”


Bazzo 01/25/13
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