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January 23, 2013

NYGOP: Questioning, Listening, Advocating

Contact: David Laska
ALBANY, NY…This week, Governor Cuomo unveiled his $146.2 billion spending plan.  Next week, the Legislature begins the review process leading to adoption of the state budget. 

We urge lawmakers to drill down deeply into this proposal to ensure the Governor’s words are truly prose and not poetry.


We fully understand the need for an on-time budget but we cannot allow the Governor to ram this proposal down our throats as he is prone to do.


We urge the Governor to include rank and file lawmakers in the budget process.  All voices should be heard and all questions answered.


We raise these initial questions:

  • Are all revenues truly stated?  Are there any hidden fees or unintended tax consequences?
  • Does the minimum wage proposal account for a youth differential so that younger job seekers are not disadvantaged?
  • Will the job training proposal ensure meaningful coordination between industry, labor and education so that participants will be trained for positions that actually exist in the marketplace?
  • Will changes to the pension plan payment system actually help municipalities or are we merely kicking the can down the road?
  • Are the mandate relief proposals sufficient to have a meaningful impact on spiraling property tax rates?
  • Do we truly need $35.9 million to enforce the new gun control law?

Many questions need to be answered over the next seven weeks.  The NYGOP will be listening for answers, asking more questions and advocating for New York’s taxpayers.



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