Kurlander Writes in Sun Sentinel: Despite Rumors To Contrary, Tea Party is Far from Dead

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2nd Amendment politics: Despite rumors to contrary, Tea Party is far from dead

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 01/24/2013




 “Obama’s gun grab has thrown gasoline on the fire for liberty. He has awakened the American people to his socialist agenda. Obama is the greatest recruiter for the Tea Party,”  Tea Party Leader Everett Wilkerson.


Is there such a thing as an automatic musket nowadays?

by Steven Kurlander


When President Obama was reelected, eulogies were being written for not only the vanquished Republican Party, but a tea party movement that had lost its efficacy, too.


Even as the results were still coming in, and it became apparent that President Obama was going to win a decisive victory, particularly in the Electoral College, the tea party was declared DOA as a result of the traumatic loss. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a statement that the tea party movement, which had morphed into a political powerhouse in 2010, was “over.”


In fact, it really didn’t look like the tea party had much of a future, with a number of favorites, like Florida Rep. Allen West, having been beaten.


Then there was also the ongoing destructive infighting within the decentralized movement, culminating in late December with Dick Armey parting ways with FreedomWorks, the Washington-based political group that led the movement.


But such prophetic views have proven short-lived.


Weeks after it was pronounced lifeless, the tea party has gained a critical, second wind.  It’s drawing new strength from the momentous outrage arising from major gun control initiatives being proposed by President Obama and Democrats…Continue Reading | Feedback – Contact Steven Kurlander 


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