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From the Supervisor’s Desk-Steve Vegliante


Safe Housing Initiative results in new HOME program to rid Town of Fallsburg of unsafe trailers


Supervisor Steven Vegliante

By Steven Vegliante

For many, owning a home has become an expensive proposition in our dismal economy – and affordable housing continues to be an important issue in the Town of Fallsburg.


Driving around the various hamlets and the Village of Woodridge in the Town of Fallsburg, it is quite apparent that our town has a variety of both year-round and seasonal housing, some of which is getting older and needs improvements that many of the owners, struggling to make ends meet, can’t afford to make.


Sad to say, some of our less fortunate residents in our community find themselves living in substandard and even unsafe conditions. Some of these homes are old trailers occupied by the elderly and the poor, which are not only old and esthetically unpleasing, but also out of code and even on the border of being uninhabitable.


In 2006, a Comprehensive Plan was developed for the Town of Fallsburg which, in part, reviewed the needs of both our year-round and seasonal residents in terms of residential housing and how the Town should proceed in ensuring the best quality of life in terms of housing needs, including integrating safety and affordable housing concepts into future development plans.


An important recommendation contained within that 2006 Comprehensive Plan called for the Town to apply to the New York Governor’s Office for Secure Commmunity Development Block Grant funding or Division of Housing and Community HOME funds to provide for housing rehabilitation programs as part of such affordable housing initiatives. These programs provides funds to acquire, rehabilitate, or construct housing, or to provide assistance to low-income home-buyers and renters.


The HOME Program funds a variety of activities through partnerships with counties, towns, cities, villages, private developers, and community-based non-profit housing organizations. The program provides funds to acquire, rehabilitate, or construct housing, or to provide assistance to low-income home-buyers and renters.  The HOME Program is administered by the New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation (HTFC), which uses federal HOME Investment Partnership Program funds to expand the supply of decent, safe, and affordable housing within New York State.


A Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress Housing Initiative

The Town of Fallsburg recently undertook a new initiative to apply for such housing rehabilitation grants from the HOME Program with the assistance of grant writers and planners of the Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress.


I am happy to announce that at the end of last year, the Town of Fallsburg was awarded a $400,000 HOME Program grant as part of a new housing improvement program that will provide assistance to qualifying Town of Fallsburg residents to replace up to 10 mobile homes with new, energy efficient manufactured homes. 


RUPCO is a non-profit, affordable housing organization offering rental assistance, home repair grants, home ownership, and property management services.

The program, which will be administered by the Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO), will target families with income under 80% of the area median income and will target homes that are typically at least 20 years old, have significant safety issues and code violations due to their deteriorated conditions, and are otherwise well beyond their useful life.


Improving the quality of life for our residents is an important mission of our government in the Town of Fallsburg.  


We will continue to apply for similar affordable housing grants, enforce code violations, and stimulate beautification efforts to make our town’s housing more safe and aesthetically pleasing for all our residents.



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