If you’re looking for funding to cover operating costs, you can’t afford to miss next Thursday’s

Bazzo 01/11/13

Thursday, January 17th @ 2:00pm ET


FREE 3-month online subscription to Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor included with your registration!

The all-too-common problem: You want to launch new programs that could benefit your community. But you need funds to help keep the lights on, cover rent and pay for current and new staff. In short, you need help with general overhead expenses–and getting such help in today’s tight funding environment can be difficult, especially since many private funders won’t cover general overhead.

So what should you do?
While operating expenses are indeed not high priority for most foundations, the prevailing myth that foundations won’t pay for operating support simply is not true. Nonprofits can indeed find funding for operating expenses that are essential for providing new programs, but you just have to know where to look.

  • Just how common is foundation support for operating costs?
  • How much in the way of overhead should you ask for?
  • Do “operating costs” mean the same thing for all private funders? Can operating costs include staff salaries, consultative and legal services, or rental fees?
  • And most importantly, what are the keys to success when seeking operating support?

These are just some of the many issues to be thoroughly explored when expert grant analyst and veteran grantwriter David Kittross presents a 2013 update to last year’s popular audioconference. He’ll provide insightful, authoritative answers to some of the most frequently posed — and downright gnawing — questions raised within grantwriting circles about funding overhead expenses.
Key topics to be discussed include:

  • How do you find foundations most willing to provide operational funding?
  • What “inside information” should your organization be ready to share?
  • What do you need to know about new trends and models for overhead funding?
  • Where do you start searching, and what should you look for in potential funders?
  • Why “strategic grantmaking” can be a sign that a funder is interested in providing operating support?
  • What are the keys to success when seeking overhead support?
  • How can smaller nonprofits raise operating capital?
  • And so much more!

In addition to receiving a detailed presentation outline for easy note taking and additional handouts outlining useful resources, websites, and other information, all attendees will receive a free, 3-month online subscription to Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor!

For just $149 you and your staff can listen at one speaker phone and ask our presenter questions following the event, or at any time in the next 30 days.


Can’t join us live?

CD recordings are also available, and you’ll still receive all handouts as well as the complimentary 3-month subscription to Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor, plus access to our presenter for follow up questions.

Want to have another office or location be able to listen?

Additional sites or phone lines can be purchased for just $49 each — call us at 1-800-666-6380 for details.

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