Taking No Prisoners in DC:Obama will push to advance his vision of America

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Taking No Prisoners in DC:Obama will push to advance his vision of America

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 01/10/2013




“As he takes his second oath of office, a more experienced Obama will be finally stepping up to enlarge the already expansive powers of the American presidency – and powerfully sling his agenda to shape a new 21st century American frontier.”


In 2nd term, Obama will take the fight to Capitol Hill, not town halls

by Steven Kurlander


With the angst over the fiscal cliff done for the time being, the fight won – and the carnage adding to the terrible dysfunction in Washington – you’d think President Obama would be looking to devise a less confrontational result in terms of the upcoming debates over major issues like the postponed sequestration, gun control and the raising of the debt ceiling.


After all, he campaigned on the premise he would try to take the high road in trying to reduce the contentious atmosphere in the nation’s capitol.


During his first three years in office, he in fact took to that high road often by making campaign-like speeches to push for major changes such as Obamacare, rather than taking the GOP head on over issues.


Fresh off his winning a second term, and the tax increase battle, now it’s quite the opposite…Continue Reading | Feedback or Contact Steven Kurlander 


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