Greg Ball:This is serious

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Hello Friends:

Over the last few days I have been making the rounds of media appearances including Neil Cavuto, Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren and America’s News Room denouncing the Journal News and their actions placing countless citizens, including victims of domestic violence and retired law enforcement professionals, directly in harms way.

As typical, simply protecting our active and retired cops, domestic violence survivors, and families has made me a target. I need your support right now!

In order to combat the consistent barrage of attacks and ensure I can carry on the fight against the “Journal News” and others, I need your help – today.

On January 11 I have a financial disclosure deadline. I must raise $10,000 before the 11th at Midnight so our enemies will know how much resistance they have. Donate now to join me in this fight.

The best way you can help me combat the insanity, and fight to get New York State back on track, is if you can make a donation right now.


– Greg


P.S. Don’t miss me on Saturday morning on Fox and Friends around 7:15AM

Click here to donate to New Yorkers On The Ball.


Bazzo 01/05/13

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