Personalized Medicine: Integrating The Best Practices of Conventional and Alternative Medicine

Catskill Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine
Healing Riffs by Barry M. Scheinfeld, M.D.
Dr. Barry M. Scheinfeld

Personalized Medicine: Integrating The Best Practices of Conventional and Alternative Medicine


By Barry Scheinfeld, M.D.


Sullivan County, as is the entire nation, is witnessing a change in the delivery of health care with independent, small practices declining in favor of large multispecialty medical groups. 


During my career, I have sadly witnessed what I would call this continued “industrialization” and consequential “depersonalization” of the practice of medicine.


Despite this trend, the best doctors still continue to be the ones that have a personal interest in their patients and treat them as a human beings, not a just another case among thousands. These traditional doctors, like me, usually practice in solo or small group practices.


So as the practice of medicine has entered into the era of adherence to policies and protocols delivered by large organizations, we have continued to take a more personal approach at Catskill Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. We take pride in having survived the changing landscape and being consistent in our approach to the patient since being established in 1986.

At Catskill Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, we still provide that individualized traditional medical care that is attuned toward healing. 


Catskill Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine provides individualized physical medicine and rehabilitative care for a

litany of orthopaedic , neurological, and musculo-skeletal injuries, diseases and syndromes.


Here, you see the same doctor, the same physical therapist, the same acupuncturist, the same massage therapist or the same chiropractor each visit.  They all develop a rapport with their patients-and such communication is a key to their successful outcomes with their patients.  They take the time to learn about the patient, viewing the patient as a “whole person.”


Adhering to the traditional practice of the medical arts, we look at a patient not as a “back” or a “knee,” but account for their psychological makeup and the factors affecting their social environment that also contribute to their medical condition.


Our patients get both the detailed attention and empathy they deserve in helping them heal from an injury or a condition. We know that my patient’s mental state is a critical element in the recovery process. We not only attempt to make an accurate diagnosis, but also make that critical individual connection with a patient.


We spend the necessary time explaining my thinking and educating the patient so as to include them in the healing process. 


As a “physiatrist” – a practitioner of Physical Medicine – I perform a full assessment of each medical problem, find out the relationships to the mechanism of the accident, and along with taking a history and performing a physical examination of a patient, I formulate a plan of action and treatment plan.


Thus, while individualized communication has always been a traditional basis in practicing medicine, it’s also is a key to our successful treatment of our patients.


There’s no McMedicine practiced at Catskill Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine.  


Call us at (845) 794-0209 or reply to this email for an individualized appointment to allow us to make you better with the best in time tested traditional medical care.


Dr. B.

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