The Upcoming Inaugural: Obama, like Lincoln, Should Address Nation’s Civil War

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The upcoming inaugural: Obama, like Lincoln, should address nation’s civil war

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 01/03/2013




“Lincoln’s brief, second inaugural speech was considered his best oratory and a compelling vision for the country’s future. Let’s hope that President Obama uses his upcoming January 20th speech to achieve such visionary rhetoric heights, and constructive healing, too.”


by Steven Kurlander

If one thing is certain after the “fiscal cliff” was averted on New Year’s Day, it’s that 2013 will continue to be a year of even more dysfunction and rancor in Washington.


The result: We will see more of the last-minute, band-aid measures to avoid a collapse of the American economy and a shutdown of the federal government over the course of 2013.


President Obama got his tax increase on the wealthy. Rates will indeed rise on wages and investment profits for households pulling in more than $450,000 a year. The top marginal tax rate on those individuals earning more than $400,000 will rise to 39.6 percent, up from 35 percent last year. Capital gains, dividends and estate taxes also will go up.

But in reality, taxes went up for all Americans...Continue Reading | Feedback or Contact Steven Kurlander

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