Kurly Writes in Florida Voices: A Wonderful Life? Finding Capra in Today’s Christmas

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Florida Voices


Kurly writes in The Florida Voices: A Wonderful Life? Finding Capra in Today’s Christmas

Published in The Florida Voices on 12/24/2012



  I’m Jewish, so I never have celebrated, and maybe never understood Christmas.  Instead, I have stood outside of it all, contemplating this “holiday” anxiety that my Christian friends feel each year.” 

Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit 

by Steven Kurlander


It’s Christmas Eve.  And for most of us, thank God, it’s almost over.


We’ve been too preoccupied with a lot of “holiday” crap to enjoy a real joyous sense of a true Christmas.


Once again, we’ve been subjected to an unrelenting bombardment of the usual “holiday” commercial advertising and promotions that numb our senses.


Once again, we have been incessantly exposed to the typical, almost contrived, altruistic news stories…Continue Reading | Feedback or Contact Steven Kurlander 



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