Kurly Writes in Sun Sentinel: Sandy Hook: More than just gun laws need to be changed

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Steven Kurlander: More than just gun laws need to be changed here

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 12/20/2012




“If every gun was taken away from our citizens, we would remain a very violent nation, and the mass murders would continue.”


by Steven Kurlander


The push is on, again, throughout the nation now to bring the proliferation of semiautomatic weapons under control in the wake of the classroom shootings in Newtown, Conn.


California Sen. Dianne Feinstein was out of the gate first, declaring she would introduce an assault weapons ban the first day of the new 113th Congress opens its session.  She was followed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York, who immediately castigated President Obama for his lack of inertia in this debate during his first years in office.  President Obama appointed Vice President Biden to lead the gun control effort in Congress on behalf of his administration.


Also, outgoing Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut joined Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin in calling for a national commission to examine mass shootings in the U.S.


“This is a moment to start a very serious national conversation about violence in our society, particularly about these acts of mass violence,” said Lieberman.


Lieberman is right about a very serious discussion about violence in American society, but it should not be fixated on gun control, or mass murders either…Continue Reading | Feedback or Contact Steven Kurlander 



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