Lesson of Sandy Hook Elementary: Always remember to thank a teacher

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Sandy Hook Elementary: Always remember to thank a teacher 



Our nation suffered an unimaginable tragedy on Friday. The Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre forever changed the way we think about our children’s safety in our nation’s schools.

This evening, the Sun Sentinel’s Editorial Cartoonist Chan Lowe published a great cartoon which is portrayed below that captures the essence of the debt of gratitude we owe our educators.  One lesson of the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre is that we don’t say “Thank You” enough to them for educating — and protecting — our children.  The cartoon really struck me-it visually says it all.


Please send the link to this cartoon to others in your email universe today both in the memory of those Sandy Hook teachers and administrators that gave up their lives saving their pupils as well as to acknowledge all the other devoted educators across our country for their dedication and their work-and for their readiness to take a bullet for our children.


Cut & Paste: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/opinion/chan-lowe/sfl-newtown-teachers-20121218,0,6590555.story 



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