Gov. Nikki Haley:Historic Day

Bazzo 12/18/12


Fellow Conservative,

You may have already heard, but just a short while ago I was proud to announce that I have appointed Congressman Tim Scott to the U.S. Senate to succeed retiring Senator Jim DeMint.

Tim’s appointment means he has to run again for Senate soon. We need to help him fight off Harry Reid’s machine and the union-funded Democratic Senatorial Committee that are looking for victories anywhere they can. Please be one of the first to join in support of Tim’s nomination by donating $10.00 here.

This choice is not only historic but it should make every conservative extremely happy. I’ve known Tim for years and I know he’s going to tirelessly fight for the principles and values we both hold so dear. Principles like repealing Obamacare, defending the unborn, and slashing bloated government spending.

Will you help give Tim a warm welcome to the U.S. Senate by making a donation? He has set a goal of raising money from 10,000 conservatives in 48 hours. I know we can do it.

We both know President Obama and his liberal allies are going to do everything they can to continue ramming their agenda through Congress. Our country simply can’t afford 4 years of an unchecked Obama Presidency, one where he’s already famously stated his vision to “fundamentally transform America.”
Tim Scott is on our side. He speaks conservative, he votes conservative, and his values are conservative. Please take a moment and be one of the 10,000 standing up today to ensure this President doesn’t get a free pass just because he won re-election.
Nikki Haley
P.S. Your critical donation will help ensure Tim can fight back against the union-funded special interest groups.
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