Kurly Writes in Sun Sentinel: Fiscal Cliff. Mayan Deadlines. Are we really doomed?

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Steven Kurlander: Fiscal Cliff. Mayan Deadlines. Are we really doomed?

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 12/13/2012




“But even if they come to an agreement, it will be surely, at most, a band aid rather than a cure to the significant, systemic economic problems that continue not to be addressed in overall federal spending and tax policy.”


by Steven Kurlander

Well, we got through the notorious day 12-12-12, when doomsday Mayan hieroglyphics foretold the end of the world.


Aren’t you relieved? But we are not out of the woods. There are others who believe those Mayans foretold the Winter Solstice on December 21st as the true day of destruction for all of us.


And there’s that dreaded fiscal cliff, which is yet another Mayan type prophecy of economic Armageddon.


So now, while we celebrate this holiday season, Americans still have to worry if the first day of winter season will be the start of their eternal journey, and more importantly, whether our elected leaders in Washington can forestall the impact of the draconian cuts that are due to take place at the start of the New Year.


It’s a lot of doomsday nervous tension to deal with, right?  Continue ReadingGive Feedback or Contact Kurly


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