Scott James & Friends Live This Saturday 12/01/12

Hello Friends, It has been a month since my last gig at Jacks and so much has gone down…And that’s all I’m saying about that. So what’s coming up?

This Saturday, Dec 1 From 8 to 11 Scott James & Friends at Jack Halyards in Oyster Bay. Acoustic format with Barry Hill on bass, Jesse Siegel on guitar and quite possibly, the inimitable Donna Boughton on percussion. Maybe we’ll get lucky and James Boughton will come and play too. Come on out and hang with us you will have fun. Just get in the car and come on down. You can eat, you can have desert, you can have a drink and dance. Be with us!

fuTure giGs – Jan 5 – Jack Halyards

My site on Reverbnation is an opportunity to listen to some of my tunes and covers, or maybe check out who I’m listening too.

I post occasionally on facebook where like you, (maybe) I’ve reconnected with my past (sort of?) just hung out, learned some new stuff and have had some fun. Still do.

What’s next? I’m working on putting together the electric band. Truth be told I’m letting the Universe do the work, I just ask. The pieces are assembling and when ready we will be out there Disrupting and shaking up the usual patterns.

I am, like many, on a roller coaster. Some call it life and man I’m hanging on with white knuckles sometimes and that’s alright by me. That’s why I play!

Peace and Harmony, (or as close as you can get to it) to you all,

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