Kurly Writes in Sun Sentinel: Allen West got robbed: Do-over elections would make process more honest

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Steven Kurlander: Do-over elections would make process more honest

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 11/28/2012




“The bottom line: Under the present electoral system, there’s no true, honest way, statistically or practically, of determining a winner in a very close election – and we are not talking about by only one or two votes, but by hundreds and even thousands of votes in some races, like the Murphy-West contest.”



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by Steven Kurlander 

It took a while, and justifiably so, but over two weeks after the election, Rep. Allen West finally “conceded” the election in the contentious race in Florida’s 18th Congressional District to Democrat Patrick Murphy.


West had every right to wait to admit he lost the acrimonious election – and be (characteristically) nasty about it too.


Officially, he lost by about 1,900 votes, or a little more than a half of one percent in a race where, to put it graciously, there were serious, legitimate questions about the counting of ballots, particularly in St. Lucie County.


Statistically, the vote was a total dead heat.  Practically speaking, the 2012 election in the 18th Congressional District was a shameful, undemocratic sham…Continue Reading | Contact Kurly 



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Join the Debate: Is Allen West done or will he return to prominence in politics?


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