Kurly Writes in Sun Sentinel: Too many will do without at this Thanksgiving

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Steven Kurlander: Too many will do without at this Thanksgiving

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 11/21/2012




“So no matter how you cut the cranberry sauce, whatever way the numbers are counted (and whether this “gifted” 47 percent actually did vote for President Obama), this Thanksgiving there are too many Americans not living as well as they used to, and too many more living in some form of hardship.”



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by Steven Kurlander


Thanksgiving is actually a holiday that continues to evolve in its form of celebration. And for some Americans, Thanksgiving isn’t what it used, or is supposed, to be.


This Thanksgiving holiday weekend, many of us are once again gathering with family and friends intending to eat a scrumptious meal consisting of turkey and an assortment of traditional, cholesterol packed side dishes, watch a continuous stream of football games, and maybe take a nap too.


That should be the essence of an American Thanksgiving in 2012. Or should it?


Thanksgiving started off as a number of days of religious reflection…Continue Reading | Contact Kurly  

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