“lstone@rocklandrepublicans.org” :BREAKING: Vinny Reda Excoriated by the Stony Point Committee: “You’ve done nothing for this County!”

Vinny Reda excoriated by the Stony Point Committee: “You’ve done nothing for this County!” On the local front: Monday night, Vinny Reda was scolded by Rockland Republican Committee officials at Stony Point’s Monthly meeting. He imposed himself yet again on the Stony Point GOP committee after the last time resulted in a visible melt down on his part.
His plan has been to intimidate the Stony Point GOP Committee as he does to the other towns. He continues to run into stubborn resistance there. They consistently repel his pressure to cross endorse Democrats as they feel it is inappropriate to do so.
As we know, Stony Point delivers the most consistent votes for Republicans in Rockland County in-spite of his pressure to be more like Democrats.
The Committee was clearly not in the mood to be scolded for their staunch support of Republicans only, especially after the local bloodbath the GOP experienced this past election.
Mr. Reda then proceeded to attack a committee leader representing his district who stated that his district will not recognize Mr. Reda as the GOP County Chairman.“Because a screaming match does not decide elections.”
One long time Committee leader excoriated Mr. Reda: “You’ve done nothing for this County!”
Another GOP leader continued to tell Mr. Reda: “You are not the Chairman, we do not recognize you as the Chairman, why were you afraid to debate Mr. Mele at the convention!?”
When the Rockland County list of Republican losses were reviewed, the committee was reminded of the observation that Reda’s opponent Anthony Mele made that: “Mr. Reda is the best Republican Chairman the Democrats ever had.”
The growing consensus among the Republican voters and long time committee leaders is the GOP Convention was a farce, no election was conducted, no ballots were cast and no votes were counted. By any definition, we all showed up for an election and we did not get one.
Mr. Reda seems terrified that his policy will be challenged by the other towns as well because his grip on them is slipping too. This was evidenced by the vociferous rejection of his Chairmanship at the GOP Convention in September.
The momentum is mounting among the rank and file, for sweeping changes in leadership and to put a stop to the practice of slandering anyone with the temerity to put forward new ideas and audacity to challenge the status quo.


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