Release: Sweeton welcomes Neuhaus to race

For Immediate Release Contact: John Hicks 845.545.5514
Sweeton Welcomes Neuhaus to Race for County ExecutiveSays style and substance differences will give voters a clear choice
Warwick, NY – “Steve Neuhaus’s official entry into next year’s County Executive’s race came as a  surprise to no one who is even a casual observer of the Orange County political scene,” said Michael Sweeton who declared his candidacy two months ago. “He’s been campaigning for over a year to try to lock up the traditional Republican Party structure vote.”


Sweeton said he believes Republicans and all Orange County voters are “fed up with the good old boy way of doing business.” Sweeton has been very vocal over the past two months in his criticism of current County Executive, Edward Diana, and fears that Neuhaus will bring more of the same Diana style and attitude to the table. “Steve is an ambitious young man whose whole adult life has been spent on the inside of party politics. Mine, until I became Warwick Town Supervisor, was spent in the business world.”


Sweeton argues that the style of the two campaigns as well as the substance of what they say will be markedly different and will afford the voters a clear choice – “Do we want more of the same or do we want to go down a different path where we actually give the people a voice, listen to their concerns and govern for the good of the people rather than for the comfort of politicians. That’s my pledge,” said Sweeton.


Sweeton believes that their performances as Town Supervisors in their respective Towns will provide a window into the real differences in leadership style and method of governing. “We have two very different towns in terms of area, population, tax base, services provided, etc. We welcome comparison of our performances set against these stark differences, i.e. comparing apples to apples,” said Sweeton.


“I welcome Steve to the race and look forward to a vigorous debate of the issues and policies that are important to the people of Orange County.”

Bazzo 11/18/12

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