Release: Sweeton commends legislators for Valley View compromise

For Immediate Release Contact: John Hicks 845.545.5514
Sweeton Commends Legislators for Valley View Compromise

Urges Diana to refrain from veto

WARWICK, NY – “The Orange County Legislature took a big step toward reviving their credibility when they voted today to fund the Valley View Nursing Home for a full year,” proclaimed Michael P. Sweeton, Warwick Supervisor and candidate for County Executive. “They worked their way through a contentious issue, ultimately listening to the people and not caving in to the County Executive. This decision could mark the beginning of a return to some semblance of a balance of power in Orange County.”


Sweeton and Legislator R.J.Smith had been proposing such a solution for weeks. Sweeton also credited Legislators Donnery and Anagnostakis, who apparently were instrumental in getting the CSEA bargaining unit to come forward with some concessions that were essential to making the deal work.


“During the next year, the county will have an opportunity to test the union’s promise to cut expenses to bring the cost of this county-run facility  more in line with privately run facilities. I urge Mr. Diana to accept the budget amendments that will make this possible and not to veto them,” concluded Sweeton.

Bazzo 11/18/12

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