Kurly Writes in Sun Sentinel: RIP GOP in Florida, As State Becoming True Blue

Bazzo 11/08/12

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Steven Kurlander: RIP GOP in Florida, as state becoming true blue

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 11/08/2012




“The failure in last two presidential elections of the Republican Party of Florida to deliver the state’s 29 votes reflects that new political reality. Between New York, California, and now Florida, a huge obstacle of the Republican Party in any future presidential race is the fact its candidate starts out of the gate over 100 electoral votes behind because of huge Democratic majorities and the nonexistence of viable Republican parties in these states.”



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by Steven Kurlander


Florida once again proved to be the key to victory for President Obama.


Even though the results were extremely close and were still in contention the morning after, the fact that Mitt Romney could not win the state outright early and extensively was one of the major contributing factors to his losing the Presidential election.


Sure, the demographics of the state made it a true bellwether of the nation’s political being and the practical tie in the vote for president in Florida reflected the predicted tightness of the popular vote nationwide – but there’s much more to read in those numbers.


The Republican Party in Florida proved it’s comatose, if not outright dead, as a consequential influence in state politics by not delivering an economically crippled Florida in a big way to the Romney camp.


The failure of the GOP to capture Florida for Romney was only one of its failings…Continue Reading | Contact Kurly


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