REVISED Storm Update from the Town of Ossining – Nov 2nd


Please call: 911 = EMERGENCIES Town Hall: 914-762-6001 or 914-703-7440 (cell) County Police: 914-864-7701 Non-Emergencies

Village of Ossining Police 941-5700 Non-Emergencies

Village of Briarcliff Police 941-2130 Non-Emergencies


Electricity Loss: 1-800-75CONED (1-800-752-6633) News:  |  |



State of Emergency will be rescinded at NOON today Nov 2, 2012




November 2, 2012 UPDATE:


State of Emergency will be rescinded at NOON today Nov 2, 2012 However it is extremely dangerous in some areas of the community – PLEASE be careful!


Sorry no update yesterday it was a day of making sure the clear and cut part of the restoration was moving forward. I would like to say a special thank you to the Village of Ossining as well as the employees of the Town of Ossining especially Highway and the Police forces of the Village of Ossining and the Westchester County Police for working together (as usual) in areas that concern both municipalities.
TODAY Friday the Joseph G Caputo Community Center is OPEN as a drop off place for children in the 1st-6th grades. The excellent staff that run the afterschool program will be there from 12:00 NOON – 8:00 PM.
Special message from Parks and Recreation Superintendent Henry Atterbury:
Given that there is no school today and tomorrow the After School staff at the Community Center are coming in to run programs on a drop in basis from 12 noon till 8pm tonight. No charge, just stop in, sign in and the staff will take it from there. Arts and crafts, movies, kickball in the gym, game room and bingo with prizes. Call 941-3189 for more details if needed. This is for all children grades 1st to 6th. Think about it… drop your children get some rest yourselves.
Restoration is starting so we ask that everyone be patient… The trucks you have seen at Arcadia are there staging for the restoration. You could say they are filling the toolboxes with tools and equipment so that teams can go out and get the power on to as many people as possible.
PLEASE understand we are all working as quickly as possible, some of these areas are very dangerous and main feeders of electricity are down.
GAS – we will talk to the County at our 9:00 AM call and update this afternoon as to when more stations will be getting deliveries.

Oct 31, 2012 UPDATE:


The Fire Department has asked us to communicate with you to please turn off all of your electronic equipment and appliances. Also make sure your stove and oven are turned off in case you were using it when the lights went out. I can only suggest that you unplug your equipment and appliances before your electrical comes back on so that the initial surge does not do damage.


You will see Con Ed crews working around the Town. Please understand they are cutting and clearing the streets removing the wires, trees and sometimes poles from the roadways.  In some instances whole communities have no access to any of the main roads. The County Police have been using ATVs to visit residents to make sure they are alright.   We want to make sure that our first responders can get in should the need arise.


The Town and the Village employees especially those in the Highway Department and Parks Department are doing a magnificent job. After days of prepping for the storm, most of them were out in the storm until the wind was above 40 MPH consistently. They were out early the next morning evaluating and removing trees and branches with no wires intertwined. The first responders Police, County and Villages of Ossining & Briarcliff Manor as well the both Fire Departments and Ambulance companies (OVAC and Briarcliff) have done an outstanding job keeping us safe and reacting to any and all emergencies.  Each of these men and women deserve our deepest gratitude.  We have been manning offices, working with our liaisons from ConEd, checking in with the County  and along with occasional visits to trouble spots while these men and women were in the thick of things sometimes up to 15 hours per day.


This will continue for some time to come. There is no short term answer as to when we will all get our electricity back on, when the damage to our infrastructure is repaired and when all the debris left from the storm will be gone.


Again please use the numbers below for any issue or questions. There have been additional homes, businesses and municipal buildings that have lost power even after a few days.  Please let us know and remember to call Con Ed with any outage.


Some trouble spots that are now open are:  Old Albany Post Rd especially by the s curve… Con Ed and the Highway Dept has been working on this issue today along with a few of the other roads out there.  PLEASE remember this is cut and clear only… power restoration is in the next phase.


NO Ossining schools tomorrow, Thursday NOV 1, & Friday NOV 2

Oct 30, 2012 UPDATE:


There are many trees down with wires.  PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ANY WIRES… the electricity will travel through the ground please keep your pets away from any down trees or wires.


If you still do not have electricity please call Con Ed at 1-800-75CONED (1-800-752-6633) and have your neighbors call if they have no power the more down in an area the quicker response. We are working with lesions from Con Ed; Villages of Briarcliff Manor & Ossining as well as the Town of Ossining each have their own person dedicated to the community.


The shelter is open at the Joseph G Caputo Community Center power may be out for several days to the tremendous amount of damage all over Westchester County. The Town and Village are working closely with Con Ed to repair the damage throughout the community.


Briarcliff Manor & Ossining Schools –  no school tomorrow (Wednesday)


Dry Ice – NONE is available at this time


Village Ossining Garbage pickup – No garbage pickup Wednesday.

– Town as far as we know they are going to try.


The Parks are closed in until further notice… PLEASE stay out of the parks, many trees are down many with wires in them.


Please be careful if you have to drive.


DARE Halloween at the Joseph G Caputo  Community Center IS ON!!!  Nice break from having the kids inside all week and  MUCH safer than going door to door… COME ON DOWN!!  6:00-8:00 PM lots of fun and games!


Please keep your “Trick or Treaters” in… Con Ed’s job is enormous…

Our first responders need to be able to get through in case of emergency.


Oct 29, 2012 UPDATE:


The Town of Ossining along with the Village of Ossining will be calling a STATE OF EMERGENCY at 5:00 PM this evening Monday Oct 29th.


Please stay off the roads so that our emergency teams can get to any problems and/or residents in need.


The Ossining area is expected to have 40-55 MPH winds with higher gusts. They are also expecting 3-5.5 inches of rain over the next 24-48 hour period.


Our employees are in and ready to assist as needed with clogged catch basins, down trees in the road, and flooded streets. The County Police have put on extra officers as have the Villages’ Police Departments. They all ask that you use the numbers below is case of wires and/or trees down or in case of emergency please dial 911.


Joseph G. Caputo Community Center, 95 Broadway Ossining, will be open as a shelter for all residents of the Town of Ossining including the Village of Ossining, Village of Briarcliff, and the Unincorporated area of the Town. The shelter will be open today (Monday) right through 10PM Tuesday and as needed after that.


The Ossining Town Senior Nutrition team has been in today (Monday) and made sure that every senior who receives Meals on Wheels has two meals in case there is a problem tomorrow (Tuesday) because of wind damage to the community.


ConEd has told us that they have people coming in from as far away as California to assist with down wires.  Our staff has been told they cannot touch anything with wires down unless a ConEd representative has been on site to confirm that the wires are not live.


Ossining and Briarcliff schools are closed on Tuesday.


The sanitation trucks were out today for the Monday pickup tomorrow might be a different story. Again please watch for more news on this.


Halloween questions will be answered tomorrow evening after the community sees what the storm damages there are.


PLEASE stay in if possible and stay safe…

Sue Donnelly

OCTOBER 28, 2012


As the storm approaches it is essential that we all do our parts to make sure that the well-being and safety of all is considered.


We will have essential employees in during the storm to take care of downed trees and clogged storm drains but we ask that everyone be aware of their own situation and help as much as possible.


Please call: 911 = EMERGENCIES Town Hall at 914-762-6001 or 914-703-7440 (cell)

County Police at  864-7701 (non-emergencies)


Village of Ossining Police at 914-941-5700 (non-emergencies) Village of Briarcliff Police at 914-941-2130 (non-emergencies)


The cell number and Police lines are available 24/7.


For loss of electricity please call 1-800-75CONED (1-800-752-6633).  On our conference call today they indicated that they have 300 mutual aid crews coming in from all over the country.


Go to for updates about the storm from NY Homeland Security during the storm.


Go to to find out about road closings and conditions before you venture out. They will have up to the minute reports on road condition.


All Ossining Town and Village Parks will close at 5:00 PM Sunday and will reopen when Superintendent of Parks and Recreation determines they are safe.


Metro North will be shutting down the trains this evening so the Village of Ossining has asked that no one park in the Commuter Parking Lots. These are areas that flood easier and with the exceptional high tides expected with the storm there will be flooding in the areas.


Please join NIXLE for updates from the Police to come directly to your phone. Go to to sign up today.


We will be sending out another update tomorrow at about 11:00AM and will continue to throughout the storm.


Thank you and please make sure you secure all of your furniture, sports and recreational equipment  in your yard as well as your garbage and recycling containers.


Susanne Donnelly

Supervisor – Town of Ossining

16 Croton Ave

Ossining NY 10562


Town of Ossining

16 Croton Ave Ossining, NY 10562 914-762-6000

Bazzo 11/02/12

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