Kurly Writes in Sun Sentinel: Prepared by South Florida living for Hurricane Sandy

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Steven Kurlander: Prepared by South Florida living for Hurricane Sandy

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 11/01/2012




“Riding out the storm in a shaking house, that hurricane angst returned.  I particularly worried whether my roof would stay put, whether newly installed windows were endure the violent gusts of wind, or whether the huge oak tree next to my daughter’s room shaking like a buoy in the wind would land up crashing and destroying my home-and my new life.”



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by Steven Kurlander


Having moved back to New York about a month ago, I thought I had left behind all the hurricane angst I had become too accustomed to living in South Florida.


There was going to be no hurricane seasons in my life anymore.  No more tracking storms as they left the deserts of sub Sahara and crossed the Atlantic and Caribbean to see whether they would hit or miss the Florida peninsula. No more stocking up on canned goods, batteries, and gasoline starting July 1 and no more hurricane safe rooms. No more having to endure that hurricane anxiety when those NOAA cones of hurricanes assigned human names estimate the storm track to hit where my family lives.


So while I was packing up the garage, I was tempted to sell both the generators I had bought after enduring three hurricanes in a row in 2005 and forego the expense of moving the heavy generators and all the accumulated hurricane supplies.


But something told me to pack them on the POD and take them to my new home in upstate New York. Continue Reading | Contact Kurly



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