Catherine Borgia :Important News Related to the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Hello Friends and Neighbors:

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Together, we have lived through one of the most catastrophic natural disasters this region has ever experienced. The lessons we will have learned will prepare us for future emergencies. Meanwhile, there are several issues related to aftermath of Hurricane Sandy that you should know about:

  • Many of us are still without power. Please know that my office has been in touch with the local utilities and working to have power restored as soon as possible. Downed wires and trees pose safety risks, so use utmost caution around them. Repairs should be left to utility crews, appropriate municipal workers and landscape professionals.
  • The Westchester County Department of Health is alerting residents and businesses with generators, camp cook stoves, and chain saws to only operate them out of doors. They produce carbon monoxide and can be a source of CO poisoning. During a power outage, generators can be dangerous if not used properly. Using a generator indoors can cause death in just a few minutes.
  • The Westchester County Department of Consumer Protection has many good tips on its website about picking home improvement contractors to help with storm-related clean-up and repair projects. You can also report price gouging at local gas stations to the Department by phone (914-995-2155) and email ( Visit for more information. Also, please make sure that you follow the instructions of your insurance carriers so that your losses can be covered by your homeowners policy.

Most of all, please be safe out there, and help out your neighbors if you can.

Con Edison has dispatched crews to deal with down wires and trees. On a conference call today, the utility said that its priorities are on safety situations, 132 schools around the County, polling stations, hospitals, nursing homes and critical care facilities.

I appreciate all of the efforts being made to return our communities back to normal, and thank you for your patience and understanding. We are presently working with our Congressional delegation and Governor Andrew Cuomo in getting a Declaration of Emergency for Westchester County in order to free up federal funding for our clean-up and response to the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.
Thank you!

Bazzo 11/02/12

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