Storm Update from the Town of Ossining

Bazzo 10/28/12

OCTOBER 28, 2012


As the storm approaches it is essential that we all do our parts to make sure that the wellbeing and safety of all is considered.


We will have essential employees in during the storm to take care of downed trees and clogged storm drains but we ask that everyone be aware of their own situation and help as much as possible.


Please call:

Town Hall at 914-7620-6001 or 914-703-7440 (cell)

County Police at  864-7701


Village of Ossining residents:

Village Police at 914-941-5700 for non-emergencies

911 for emergencies


The cell number and Police lines are available 24/7.


For loss of electricity please call 1-800-75CONED (1-800-752-6633).  On our conference call today they indicated that they have 300 mutual aid crews coming in from all over the country.


Go to for updates about the storm from NY Homeland Security during the storm.


Go to to find out about road closings and conditions before you venture out. They will have up to the minute reports on road condition.


All Ossining Town and Village Parks will close at 5:00 PM Sunday and will reopen when Superintendent of Parks and Recreation determines they are safe.


Metro North will be shutting down the trains this evening so the Village of Ossining has asked that no one park in the Commuter Parking Lots. These are areas that flood easier and with the exceptional high tides expected with the storm there will be flooding in the areas.


Please join NIXLE for updates from the Police to come directly to your phone. Go to to sign up today.


We will be sending out another update tomorrow at about 11:00AM and will continue to throughout the storm.


Thank you and please make sure you secure all of your furniture, sports and recreational equipment  in your yard as well as your garbage and recycling containers.


Susanne Donnelly

Supervisor – Town of Ossining

16 Croton Ave

Ossining NY 10562


Town of Ossining

16 Croton Ave Ossining, NY 10562 914-762-6000

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