Silver’s Most Loyal Vote in DiNapoli Appointment Scandal, Dead Quiet on Silver Sex Assault Cover Up



Contact: Becky Miller



Albany, NY–Oct. 25 — A powerful new 30-second television ad called “Shelly’s Boy,” highlighting state Assemblyman George Latimer’s refusal to speak out against State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for his most recent sex assault cover-up attempt — this is the third time Silver has tried to cover up assaults or harassment perpetrated by political cronies — was released this week by the New York Republican State Committee in the Westchester County media market where Mr. Latimer is now running for state senate.


See the ad here.


Mr. Latimer has long been referred to as “Shelly’s boy” in Westchester circles for his refusal to stand up to the Speaker on virtually anything. Latimer was singled out for ridicule in 2007 by then Governor Eliot Spitzer for blindly going along with the Speaker in breaking a deal — and ignoring an expert bi-partisan commission — in order to force Silver ally Tom DiNapoli into the vacant state comptroller’s position, even though DiNapoli had no fiscal experience whatsoever.


Latimer now refuses to criticize Silver — or join the call for his resignation — after the Speaker admitted funneling more than $100,000 in taxpayer hush money to the victims of alleged sexual abuse committed by Assemblyman and then Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez. The victims were required to sign a document prohibiting their speaking out on the case, under a $10,000 penalty for each.


“Westchester women cannot count on George Latimer,” said State Republican Party spokeswoman Becky Miller. “When young women in Albany needed courage most from a legislator, Latimer demonstrated once again why he is called ‘Shelly’s Boy.’


“Speaker Silver has admitted his wrongdoing, yet George Latimer is doing everything he can to get out of doing the right thing – calling for Speaker Shelly Silver to step down.”


The full script to “Shelly’s Boy” is below:


Voiceover: Women were sexually abused by Albany politicians and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver used taxpayer money to cover it up.  But George Latimer said nothing.  And Latimer kept standing by his political boss.  Silver made secret taxpayer payments to protect political cronies who sexually abused female state employees.  Latimer kept voting to keep Silver in charge and when sexual abuses became public, what did George Latimer say?  It wouldn’t “be wise to comment”. George Latimer: His silence speaks volumes.

 Bazzo 10/26/12

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