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The Latest Sullivan County eNews: 

Sullivan Sheriff’s Office breaks up $3 million a year marijuana grow operation

“It seems Sullivan County is becoming well known for its indoor agriculture,” said Sheriff Michael Schiff, who noted that drug dealers like rural areas where they are less likely to attract attention. “These are wholesalers so they like to get into a rural area where people don’t observe them,” Schiff said. “It’s not like a normal drug house where you have traffic in and out. They are kind of hard to detect. We have our tell signs that we look for, but it’s not your normal drug dealing location where we look for traffic and certain people coming in and out and buying. They are doing their retail elsewhere.”


Court rules ex-hotel’s tax exemption properly denied

A state appeals court upheld a trial court’s ruling that Town of Mamakating assessor Alane Romer properly denied a property-tax exemption to the owners of the long-troubled former Homowack Lodge property in Phillipsport..


Opinion: Pulse of The People: Third Judicial District a low key race

Stephan Schick, Democratic candidate for state Supreme Court justice, was raised in the Town of Wawarsing in Ulster County. While he still owns the family farm he grew up on, Steve currently resides in Eastern Sullivan County with his wife. He has 35 years experience as a trial lawyer and is a candidate who has made a career of representing people, as opposed to banks and corporations. He is soft spoken, thoughtful and very fair minded. When he was evaluated by the state’s Independent Judicial Election Qualification Committee, he was rated as “qualified.” He is well known throughout Sullivan County as a highly respected, honorable attorney and community member. At age 59, he would give us 11 good years of service on the state’s highest trial court, before the mandatory retirement at age 70


Gunther calls on NYCDEP to begin releases from Neversink Reservoir in response to ‘Frankenstorm’

Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther today called on the NYC Department of Environmental Protection to begin releases from the Neversink Reservoir in anticipation of the upcoming storms. The Neversink Reservoir is currently at 98% capacity. “In recent years and months, Sullivan County has been too hard hit by storms and flooding,” said Assemblywoman Gunther. “We are currently in a situation where we can be proactive and prevent injury to people and property.”

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If there’s one creature birdwatchers hope most fervently to find on a trip to the Catskills’s high peaks, it’s probably the rare, reclusive Bicknell’s thrush, a plain little brown songbird that was discovered here on Slide Mountain in 1881. Bicknell’s thrush lives only in high-elevation spruce and balsam fir forests, and fewer than 125,000 of them exist today. The species is considered vulnerable to extinction by international conservation scientists, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is currently considering listing it as a federally endangered species.


JThe pride of the Catskills, Simone Felice first came into the public eye with the runaway success of the spontaneous, musical loose cannons the Felice Brothers, whose live shows are the thing of legend. He soon departed for a smaller configuration, pairing up with the extremely talented Bobby “Chicken” Burke in The Duke And the King. Now he’s eliminated democracy and compromise altogether by releasing his own eponymously named CD. He’s also released a book called “Black Jesus.”


Do you remember that time in the late 1960s when those two ladies who invited you and your best friend Bob to their cabin in the Catskills probably put something in the turtle soup they served, and afterwards you had strange dreams? Well, filmmaker Martin McDonagh’s black comedy, “Seven Psychopaths,” should remind you of those reveries.


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Sullivan County & Catskill Mountain Quickies:

Husband, co-defendant indicted in wife’s death

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Recent New York State eNews & Views:

Cuomo’s welfare stipends

Redistribution and lingering dependency – it’s not just an Obama thing. Case in point: Gov. Cuomo is launching a program that’ll give $2 million in taxpayer cash to Medicaid recipients who take good care of themselves. Like the adults they’re supposed to be. Under Cuomo’s “experimental” plan, as reported by The Post’s Carl Campanile on Monday, folks on Medicaid could get up to $250 a year as an “incentive” to get checkups, monitor their weight, pick up medicine or other steps to protect their health.


Stewart goes after ultra low-cost carriers

Port Authority officials are continuing their full court press on the airline industry in an effort to attract more service to Stewart Airport at Newburgh. The state of the economy, high costs of jet fuel and other operating expenses are taking their toll on the airlines, but despite that interest by the industry remains high as Stewart looks for future passenger service expansion, according to Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Air Service Development Director E.J. Mullins, who addressed the Stewart Airport Citizens Advisory Council Thursday.


IA poll released this morning by the Siena Research Institute shows Barack Obama is on track to carry the Empire State by nearly the same margin as in 2008, suggesting his coattails could help fellow Democrats in down ticket races.


With the appointment of Cornell President David Skorton to head a new board that is intended to steer the troubled New York Racing Association into calmer waters, Gov. Cuomo has a chance to reform the shameful manner in which racehorses are treated right here in New York City.

Bazzo 10/26/12

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