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From the Supervisor’s Desk:
“Dinner over the River” on the Denniston Hill Trussbridge becomes Foodie sensation in NYC and US
Supervisor Steven Vegliante


The back roads of the Town of Fallsburg hold some of the most picturesque scenery and views in the Catskills-and maybe the answer in spurring a new tourism renaissance in the Town of Fallsburg.


One of the most scenic spots in our town is the historic Denniston Hill Truss bridge that spans the Neversink River near Glen Wild, which captures a beautiful view of the river valley there. It is near the site of the early 18th century settlement established by Dutch settlers who crossed over from Ulster County in search of fertile and cheap land to farm.


Now, the century old bridge is not only a tranquil spot to fish or swim, but a sensational agribusiness and culinary destination.


Thanks to David Markowits of Truss Bridge Farm and Kevin Joseph of Otaku marketing OBSESSION it is now the site of a very exciting vision for both future agribusiness and day-trip destination tourism in the Town of Fallsburg.


Over the summer, a couple of hundred up-scale diners from both Sullivan County and the NYC metropolitan area traveled to the Denniston Hill Trussbridge to partake of a very special “Dinner over the River,” a very distinctive series of culinary events where locally grown organic food was prepared by renowned chefs from New York City and served in a 5-star restaurant manner at eloquently set tables on the bridge.


These events attracted nationwide media attention that showcased the Town of Fallsburg and Sullivan County as a trendy place to live, visit,-and partake in great cuisine.


Immediately, an affluent foodie crowd embraced the concept of first class dining on our historic bridge overlooking the pristine Neversink River-and they are ready for more next year.


According to Joseph, much more money was spent to create, present and produce the concept elegantly than they brought in on the two dinners held this year. They hope to be able to recover their investment in 2013-and to also contribute funds to the town for the preservation of the bridge and improvements to the area around it that will make it more enjoyable and accessible to residents and visitors alike.


Why serve a trendy, gourmet meal on an old bridge?


As a review in a recent article in trendy online Urban Daddy publication entitled “Down by the River” put it:


“If you’re wondering how a bridge becomes a restaurant, it’s pretty simple: these guys found the most picturesque bridge on the Neversink River (great river branding, by the way) and thought it’d make a good place for a feast. Then they talked to some of New York’s best chefs and convinced them to come out there to cook it.”


There was also an immediate benefit to our community: According to Markowitz, one goal for “The Dinner over the Bridge” was  to help “Protect, Preserve & Promote Natural, Humane & Healthy Farms, Farming & Farmers in Sullivan County, NY.”  The Town of Fallsburg now has several small, start-up organic farms like Markowits’s Truss Bridge Farm that are producing the best of organic dairy and vegetable products-and we want them to survive and flourish.


The Town Board is very excited about the founding of these new organic farms and that they are spurring an agricultural revival in our area.


But just as important, they are also attracting the attention of a new generation of adventurous consumers and tourists who are rediscovering the great physical beauty, solitude, and pureness of the Town of Fallsburg and the Catskills.


That old truss bridge at Denniston Ford is a diamond in the rough-and with the help of Markowits, Joseph and a third partner, Rob Dohrety of Sullivan County Farms  (SCF sources product exclusively from the county and distributes them to the finest restaurants in NYC), we hope that continued interest in events like “Dinner over the River” the farmer’s market there, and other events will lead to the restoration and preservation of that historic bridge and more visitors trekking and driving along back roads taken by prior generations of tourists.


More “Dinner over the River” events are planned for next year.  The Town Board welcomes the continued efforts of Markowits, Joseph and Dohrety to promote agribusiness and “foodie” tourism in the Town of Fallsburg.


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