Ball Delivers $150,000 Grant To Improve Breast Cancer Care

Hudson Valley Hospital Center Receives $150,000 Grant To Improve Breast Cancer Care

Women treated for breast cancer at Hudson Valley Hospital Center will have more choices thanks to a $150,000 grant received today from New York State with the help of Senator Greg Ball (R,C-Patterson)

The money will be used to purchase equipment that will allow the Ashikari Breast Center at Hudson Valley Hospital Center to perform inter-operative radiation on women undergoing breast cancer surgery.

“The Ashikari Breast Center at Hudson Valley Hospital Center offers women the best cancer care close to home,’’ said breast cancer surgeon Dr. Andrew Ashikari. “Now women who could benefit from intra-operative radiation don’t have to travel elsewhere to get it. This is a great addition to our center and a victory for women with breast cancer.’’

“The stresses associated with battling breast cancer are overwhelming and providing world class services locally, without the additional stress of travel and hardship of leaving the familiarity of their community, is exactly why I couldn’t be happier to deliver this $150,000 grant for the Hudson Valley Hospital Center. I am proud to assist in making the Cheryl R. Lindenbaum Cancer Center the destination of choice for cancer patients in the Hudson Valley,” said Senator Greg Ball. “It is a great honor to be able to deliver this money for the hard working doctors, nurses, staff and the entire Hudson Valley Hospital Center community, especially as we embrace the struggles of our mothers, sisters, aunts and other beloved ones during breast cancer awareness month.”

Hudson Valley Hospital President John Federspiel said the Hospital chose to use the grant money to buy the intra-operative radiation equipment because it is committed to making the Hospital’s Cheryl R. Lindenbaum Cancer Center the destination of choice for cancer patients in the Hudson Valley.

“Cancer patients should not have to add extra travel to their already hectic lives during such a stressful time’’ said Federspiel. “The philosophy of our Cancer Center is to provide quality, comprehensive cancer care close to home. It should be no different when it comes to women who choose to have intra-operative radiation.’’

Intra-operative radiation (IORT) allows the surgeon to administer a single, high dose of radiation directly to the area where the cancer was while the underlying breast tissue is still exposed during surgery. This treatment can be given during lumpectomy surgery in which the cancer is removed, but breast is preserved. The procedure takes about two minutes and can eliminate the need for additional radiation treatments after surgery. Read more…

Ball Urges Passage of Equal Pay Legislation, Appoints Democratic Mayor As Chairwoman of Women4Ball

With the possibility of a special session approaching, Senator Greg Ball (R, C-Patterson) is urging the Senate and the Assembly to work together to immediately pass Equal Pay legislation because women in New York are still only being paid 77 cents on the dollar. Senator Ball is the sponsor of S7057, which establishes equal pay for comparable work regardless of sex, race or national origin.

“The numbers don’t lie. This is not about politics. It’s about doing the right thing,” Senator Ball said. “There is no reason why anyone should receive less pay for equal work, but that’s exactly what’s happening throughout New York State, with women from minority backgrounds receiving as little as 52 cents on the dollar. This is an undeniable problem, but we have the ability to fix it,” Senator Ball added.

According to the Government Accounting Office (GAO) by 2010 (when 46 percent of workers were female) women overall were averaging 77 cents for that dollar, slow but significant progress. However, that number belies some additional margins: Black women earned only 61 cents and Latino women earned only 52 cents lower than the total average in 1963.

For the last six years, Senator Greg Ball has been a very committed legislator who has fought to ensure women “Equal Pay for Equal Work”.

As a testament to Senator Ball’s bi-partisan efforts on women’s issues, he has received the support and endorsement of former democratic Mount Kisco Mayor, Patricia Reilly, who has also agreed to be the Honorary Chairwoman of the Women4Ball and Democrats4Ball campaigns.

“For what he has accomplished and for what he plans to accomplish in the Senate for Women and everyone in our community, he has my full support.  Senator Ball has worked in bi-partisan manner and he has proven that he can work well with everyone in the Senate no matter what party affiliation,” Mayor Reilly said. “I’m very proud and honored that Senator Ball appointed me to be his Honorary Chair for ‘Women4Ball’ and as his Honorary Chair for ‘Democrats4Ball.’” Read more…

“Hannah’s Law” Passes Senate, Fight Continues For Local Family

After a four year struggle with the legislature and insurance industry, Senator Greg Ball (R, C – Patterson) has passed Hannah’s Law (S5034A) through the New York State Senate. The legislation is named after Yorktown resident, Hannah Devane. Hannah is a seven year old girl who suffers from eosinophilic esophagitis, a potentially fatal condition that makes it impossible for her to eat most foods.

Children with eosinophilic esophagitis and similar disorders can only obtain nourishment from special, enteral formulas, which in some cases may be ingested orally, but in other circumstances must be administered via a feeding tube. In the case of Hannah, the life sustaining formula can be taken orally and comes with a cost of approximately $1,200 per month, or $14,400 annually.

Hannah’s medical insurance provider already provides coverage for the cost of enteral formulas, but only under conditions that require tube feeding, and extremely evasive, life-altering procedure. Currently the insurance companies are making parents decide between incurring the significant out-of-pocket costs for the enteral formula needed, or forcing their children  use a feeding tube.

“I came to Albany to lower taxes and create jobs, but when the Devanes come to me, I made it my mission to help Hannah and all the children with eosinophilic esophagitis in New York State”, said Senator Greg Ball. “Hannah is the cutest and toughest little girl I know and is an outstanding, giving member of our community. Hannah has volunteered at events like my ‘Veterans Thanksgiving Dinner’ and is an impressive little girl. Passing this bill in the Senate brings New York State one step closer to ensuring that thousands of families are never again victimized by the system, like the Devane family.”

“Hannah’s Law” will amend the insurance law and require certain health insurance policies to include coverage for the cost of enteral formulas for the treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis and related eosinophilic disorders.

“On behalf of my daughter, Hannah, and all the EoS Families, we are ecstatic with the news that the Senate felt that this issue was of utmost importance that they passed this bill through,” said Jessie Devane. “We are grateful and beyond words for this legislation to finally start moving. Thank you doesn’t say enough to Senator Greg Ball and his Staff for all the endless work they have done. This bill will give parents the peace of mind of knowing they can take care of their children without a financial burden.” Read more…


Greg Ball

40th New York State Senate District

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