The Biggest National Security Threat to America



Romney Shows What A Commander-In-Chief Looks Like

Dear New Yorker,
Last night Mitt Romney proved once again, that he has the leadership abilities to be President of the United States, laying out to the American people a clear foreign policy strategy that called for a strong and nimble armed forces, improved relations with our allies – especially Israel – and a trade policy that cracks down on currency manipulators like China.

In the Empire State, we appreciate the clear vision that the Governor laid out and
support his call for peace through strength.

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, said that the biggest threat to national security is our national debt. This bold statement from one of our top military leaders rings true in light of the constant upheaval we see daily on our television sets from the streets of Europe.

“We want to promote principles of peace around the world, but to do so America must be strong. America must lead.” — Governor Mitt Romney

New Yorkers CANNOT afford another four years of the Obama Presidency. His reckless spending has impacted both domestic and foreign policy negatively. Governor Romney showed last night that under his command, things will be much different.
The Democrats throughout our state, as you can imagine, will be equally enthusiastic over President Obama’s performance last night and will be kicking up their efforts all over the Empire State.
We must match their energy and fundraising. To do this we need your donation today!
By donating, you will be making a declaration of support for Mitt Romney and his vision for a responsible yet bold foreign policy that will bring security, and jobs back to New York State.
So are you with us? Donate today and stand with Governor Romney and our entire Republican ticket!

Thank you,
Ed Cox Chairman Republican Party of New York State

Bazzo 10/23/12
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