Kurly Writes in Sun Sentinel: American voters lose at Mean-Spirited Debate at Hofstra


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Steven Kurlander: Mean-spirited debate won’t change many folks’ minds

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 10/18/2012




“The big loser Tuesday night was the American people in terms of the failure of this debate’s format and execution to facilitate a civil, informative conversation that could help Americans either decide who to vote for or whether their initial decision to vote against Obama or Romney should be changed.


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by Steven Kurlander

There was an earthquake that shook up some Americans up Tuesday night.

No, the ground did not shake in Long Island when a more aggressive President Obama showed up at Hofstra University, this time to vigorously engage Mitt Romney in their second of three presidential debates.

Instead, a very rare and weak 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit southern Maine a little after 7 pm and shook up Americans as far south as Connecticut.

That mellow shifting of the earth’s plates, not the debate in Long Island, was all that shook some Americans Tuesday night. Tuesday’s debate was a draw.


While the president accomplished not only reinvigorating his campaign with a much stronger performance, Mitt Romney continued to be a strong debater, holding his ground against an aggressive Obama and what seemed at times an equally belligerent (and very disappointing) moderator, Candy Crowley of CNN. Continue Reading | Contact Kurly


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