Kurly Writes in Florida Voices: Dems Worried that Jewish Vote in Jeopardy


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Kurly writes in The Florida Voices: Dems Worried that Jewish Vote in Jeopardy

Published in The Florida Voices on 10/19/2012




The truth is that Obama has done nothing during his tenure to inspire continued strong ‘bipartisan’ Jewish support for him. As Jimmy Carter learned in his race against Ronald Reagan, Obama may well learn that the Jewish vote should not be taken for granted.”

Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit

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by Steven Kurlander



Barack Obama’s re-election campaign may discover on Nov. 6 that Jewish voters in battleground states such as Florida have been engaging in their own version of the Bradley effect.


Worried about the normally overwhelming Jewish support for Democratic candidates, the campaign and the Democratic Party are pulling out all the stops to get Jewish voters to cast their ballots for Obama.


And Obama should be concernedContinue Reading | Contact Kurly

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