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Today’s Sullivan County eNews: 

Mayor will run Monticello as it seeks manager – Jenkins says he doesn’t want job

Jenkins said it probably would take the village months to fill the position.

“I would like to clear up some of the issues and look at the mistakes that happened,” Jenkins said Monday. “I want a new manager to come in fresh.”


Related: Monticello Village Manager fired during heated board meeting


Four charged with theft of copper piping in Sullivan and Ulster counties

The arrests were the result of an ongoing investigation by troopers into the theft of copper piping from several seasonal properties near the Sullivan-Ulster County line. The suspects were observed by a state trooper from the Ellenville barracks preparing to enter a building on the Homowack property at which time three of the four suspects fled into a wooded area.


Notice of Claim served to Town of Highland regarding fracking ban

Town of Highland supervisor Andrew Boyar has confirmed that the town has been served with a Notice of Claim (NOC) from the Highland Field and Stream Club, Inc. in response to the town’s passing of Local Law 3 on July 10, 2012, which bans heavy industrial activities such as natural gas extraction.


Judge Anthony T. Kane Honored at SC Courthouse Ceremony

It was standing room only in Courtroom No. 1 of the Lawrence H. Cooke Sullivan County Courthouse on Friday afternoon at a portrait presentation and dedication for Honorable Anthony T. Kane. When he retired in 2009 Judge Kane was the last county resident to hold positions of Supreme Court Justice and Appellate Judge in the Third Judicial District.


Fall is a great time to go for a hike. The days are finally cooler and drier, and the foliage is looking great this year. Before you go out though, take a few minutes to think about safety issues associated with fall hiking. For starters, it can get quite cold in the mountains during the fall. We think of winter as the time when it’s frigid and snow falls, but in many places, even the nearby Catskill Mountains, the temperature can plummet during fall.


SUNY Sullivan’s Presidential Search Committee has made its recommendation of four community college leaders as its final candidates for the position of SUNY Sullivan President. The initial pool of 42 applicants was narrowed to nine based on resume materials. Each of the nine was then interviewed via remote video conference to narrow the field to the final four.


I say if you get a shot at a good buck take it. It shouldn’t matter where it happens. If you shoot one early, you can enjoy your week off work while chewing on deer jerky.


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Turmoil in the Monticello Village Hall

Sean Rieber: Congratulations to Gordon Jenkins for finally displaying some leadership this morning by leading the charge to fire John Ligreci. Now let’s hope that he follows it up by hiring an actual competent manager.

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New York’s Rising Jobless Rate Poses Test for Cuomo

While the nation’s unemployment rate has been declining over the last year, New York State’s has been rising sharply, presenting a challenge for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo as he tries to build an image as a fiscal centrist who can transform the state’s business climate.


Congressional hopefuls Chris Gibson, Julian Schreibman spar on energy

“U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson, R-Kinderhook, described his energy platform as a balanced one that focuses on developing renewable energy sources in the long run while increasing supplies of fossil fuels to lower costs now, while his Democratic opponent Julian Schreibman said the nation needs to dramatically shift its focus to alternative energy.


Supporters of the controversial gas drilling practice hydrofracking gather in Albany for a rally. They want the governor to reverse the moratorium on fracking, saying it could bring jobs and other economic benefits to the area.

State governments should abolish the use of solitary confinement for offenders under 18, whether as a punitive or protective measure, two of America’s leading advocates for prisoners’ rights said in report Oct. 10. Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union said brief periods of isolation may be needed as a security measure. However, they contend that longer spans of solitary confinement can cause serious psychological and physical harm to young people, including heightened risk of suicide.

Bazzo 10/16/12

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