Press Release: Did Galef Mean What She Said? “Sucker Punch” Insults All Working Mothers

Izzarelli: “Did Galef Mean What She Said?”

“Sucker Punch” Insults All Working Mothers




OCTOBER 13, 2012  — Assembly Candidate Kim Izzarelli asks viewers to listen intently tomorrow to the final statement made by her opponent, Sandy Galef, and then decide for themselves. The statement in question is made by Galef at the conclusion of a fourteen minute segment of News12 Weschester’s Newsmakers and  will be aired several times throughout the day, tomorrow, October 14.


The Newsmakers segment, taped earlier this week in Yonkers, interviewed both candidates together, as is the typical show format.  Izzarelli says the videoclip ending may prove embarrassing for Mrs. Galef.


“We were given a few seconds at the conclusion of the piece to ask for voters’ support,” said Izzarelli, “And my opponent included in her list of credentials that she was  ‘…able to work full-time.’”


Izzarelli, who is a single mother with a 12 and 14 year old, was astonished by the inference.


“I wanted to respond immediately, but we were out of time.” says Izzarelli, “It was a sucker punch intended for me, but any working parent or anyone that juggles career and family should be offended by Mrs. Galef’s statement.”


Galef, who is 72, has served nearly 20 years in the State Assembly.


Izzarelli points out that Galef earned a flat “F” from the National Federation of Independent Businesses for her anti-business voting record. “Mrs. Galef is reluctant to take tough positions, that is her problem,” stated Izzarelli. “It doesn’t matter how many hours a day she works; it hasn’t improved her performance. Her tax-and-spend voting record is hurting local families now.”


Asked about her own feelings on juggling work and family, Izzarelli said, “It is all what you make it.”


“I have a good support system, my kids have a great father and we’ve managed to make it all work. Believe me, I can get the job done. I’m just disappointed that Mrs. Galef would put down a working mother for her own political gain. This is just another example of how out of touch she is with today’s workforce.


“At the end of the day, voters care about what is in their wallets. Business owners want to plan for the future, without the fear that they will be slammed with higher taxes and regulations. People don’t want their personal freedoms diminished, and they expect a high level of ethics and integrity in Albany. Under Mrs. Galef’s tenure, they’ve been disappointed. I will deliver results and be a mom, too.”


Nick D’Angelo

Campaign Manager
Kim Izzarelli for State Assembly
Bazzo 10/13/12
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