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Today’s Sullivan County eNews: 

Getaway Guide: ‘Dinner Over the River’ In The Catskills

Take a beautifully rustic decommissioned bridge, add the best organic vegetables and food, bring in a dynamite chef from New York City and you have the beginnings of a great event. Make the setting the Catskills region, add the ambiance of the Neversink River – and 150 people who may or may not know what to expect – and you have more than an event. You have a destination.

Vacant positions the latest budget quandary facing Sullivan officials

Fanslau said it does not make sense to make personnel decisions when there are other critical issues at stake in preparing an affordable budget. Teamsters Local Business Agent Sandy Shaddock said she had a problem with a hard freeze on vacancies. “The duties did not go away,” Shaddock said. 

Suit against Monticello dismissed – Landlords had claimed racial discrimination

Jenkins, who appointed Barbarite and who is black, called the racial allegations “absolutely false…When you are shutting down illegal apartments, of course people are going to cry foul,” Jenkins said. “Basically you are shutting down their money … . (Barbarite) was directed by the mayor and the board to clean up the village.”


Bloomingburg residents continue to fight housing development

Bloomingburg residents fill village hall Thursday for a public meeting. They come, as they’ve done for last few months, to fight the completion of this development project on Winterton Road. Thursday night, residents were demanding for the current village board to contact the department of environmental conservation to re-examine the Chestnut Ridge project which approves 396 units on some 200 acres of property

This week, 15 elected officials from Sullivan County called on Governor Cuomo to protect New Yorkers by keeping in place the state’s moratorium on high volume fracking. The 15 leaders join the more than 420 other local elected officials from 50 counties all across the state who have signed a letter to Governor Cuomo that reads in part: ” As elected officials from across New York State, we share with you the responsibility to protect the health and safety of our people across our state. Although the geographic area where drilling may occur may be limited, the impacts will be felt across the state. Until the facts and the science prove that horizontal hydraulic fracturing is safe, New York’s defacto moratorium must remain in place.”


On October 10, 2012, the New York State Police investigated a Motor Vehicle/Pedestrian Fatal Accident which occurred on St. Rt. 209, just north of the the Kohl’s Warehouse, Wurtsboro, N. Y.   A vehicle operated by Karoly Varga, age 71, of Ellenville, N. Y. was traveling south on St. Rt. 209 and struck the pedestrian who was walking northbound in the southbound lane. The pedestrian was pronounced at the scene by Sullivan County Coroner Alan Kesten, and removed to the Sullivan County Morgue.


We need more oversight over vendors. One area that must be changed is housing. It is despicable how Sullivan County is lodging those in need of shelter. I recently obtained a report detailing the number of motels being utilized to house those on public assistance and the costs taxpayers are shelling out,and it is scary. With the backing of the county, somehow motel owners went into the business of public housing. What is even more appalling is that no one even protested this as it was happening.


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Florida Voices:
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Today’s Featured “Uncensored Sullivan County Facebook” Page Post:
Why is Unemployment in SC the HIGHEST in decades when it is going down in rest of US?

Lawrence Gold: It’s bothersome when people try to justify our county’s issues by saying “things are tough all over”. Last week, the Obama admin. reported that unemployment was the LOWEST since our President’s election. A few days earlier, it was reported that our county’s unemployment was the HIGHEST in decades. So, why does it appear that things are improving around the country, yet they’ve actually gotten worse here?

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Recent Uncensored New York State News & Views:

Fracking: There Is No Objective Role

(Professors) Skorton and Altschuler argue that government and industry should turn to universities (READ: Cornell), and pay them to conduct unbiased research. Universities, they say, have “a commitment to and reputation for rigor and objectivity in research.” As evidence for their argument, they vaguely refer to two Cornell studies that reached opposite conclusions concerning the relative impacts of fracking on climate change.


Cuomo visits Kingston, Poughkeepsie, touts regional economies

“There are no county lines when it comes to an economy; it’s one region,” Cuomo said. “You have to get past those boundaries. This belief in a town line or a city line, it’s gone.  They were arbitrary lines on a map. Figure out that you have to come together, you’re all going to rise, or you’re all going to fall.”


Rabbi Menachem Youlus, who was called a Jewish Indiana Jones and provided Torahs through a charity while fraudulently claiming they had been rescued after being hidden or lost during the Holocaust, was sentenced to just over four years in prison on Thursday by a judge who called his scheme sad and incomprehensible.


The Washington, DC-based Tax Foundation made some waves earlier in the week when they handed New York a last place spot in their national rankings of the most, or least tax-friendly climates for businesses.  That doesn’t sit well with the Cuomo Administration as evidenced by the governor’s secretary, Larry Schwartz, who just rebutted the findings while being interviewed …
Bazzo 10/12/12

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