PRESS RELEASE: A Statement From Assemblywoman Sandy Galef on the PCTV Debate

Contact: Sandy Galef – 914-450-4086

TJ Rogers – 914- 924-8313

PRESS RELEASE: Wednesday, October 10, 2012









In campaigning for public office, as in any conversation, we all bring with us our own unique perspective, and this informs how we view the issues.  I respect that differences of opinion can arise among thoughtful people of good conscience, and that honest disagreements present an opportunity for us to learn from one another.


But often times in the heat of a political campaign words are twisted, half-truths stated, and allegations and criticisms are spoken without evidence or a full understanding of the facts.  Candidates and their campaigns craft language and cite quotes out of context to promote whatever message casts them in the best light, or makes their opponent appear foolish.


This is not a campaign practice that I indulge in, and I do not intend to start now.  Instead I invite you to listen to me and my opponent discuss the issues directly, without the post-debate spin of campaign rhetoric.  Below is a web address to a debate hosted by PCTV, where my opponent and I discussed many issues that are important to the residents of the 95th Assembly District.  I encourage you to watch it in full:


If you do not have time to watch the full hour-long debate, below is an outline of the questions the moderators posed and the point in time of the video when they were asked.  Please feel free to skip to the issues that interest you the most.


1:00 – Sandy Galef Opening Statement

4:30 – Kim Izzarelli Opening Statement

6:51 – Issue #1:  The tax cap

11:45 – Issue #2:  Municipal budgets

13:45 – Issue #3:  Mandate relief

20:00 – Issue #4:  What are the top 2 or 3 ways to achieve mandate relief?

27:20 – Issue #5:  Why is mandate relief difficult to implement?

33:25 – Issue #6:  State school aid / Lottery

43:00 – Issue #7:  Member items

45:20 – Issue #8:  Hydrofracking

47:38 – Issue #9:  The Tappan Zee Bridge / Redistricting

53:40 – Issue #10:  Casino gambling

56:20 – Issue #11:  Government process and ethics

61:30 – Kim Izzarelli Closing Remarks

62:50 – Sandy Galef Closing Remarks


Thank you so much for taking the time to educate yourself on the issues.  Informed citizens like yourselves are helping me and Governor Cuomo keep New York on the right track!

Bazzo 10/11/12

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