Kurly Writes in Sun Sentinel: Can we just get Big Bird out of our political lives?

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“Bringing common sense back to political commentary”
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Steven Kurlander: Can we just get Big Bird out of our political lives?

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 10/11/2012




“Politics aside, its legitimate to ask why should taxpayers continue to subsidize the sale of Big Bird, Barney, and other PBS toys and dolls to American children without getting a piece of the action. What’s good for GM should be good for the rest of the country.g is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit

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by Steven Kurlander

Any American parent will tell you that there’s a common sense of relief and the return of aural sanity shared by all when their young children make the transition from preschool PBS TV programming to more relatable adolescent cartoons and movies on the traditional networks, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney.


After years of having to play Barney, Teletubbies, The Wiggles, and Rugrats tapes, VCRs, and CDs to keep mercurial babies placated in car seats, high chairs and playpens, nothing was more glorious in my generation’s early parenthood than either dumping them in a box in the garage or giving them with a hidden smirk to an unsuspecting new parent in a spouse’s family or at work.


So when Mitt Romney made what seemed like a (too) cute remark about that horrid bird when arguing in last week’s debate with President Obama that the US should not be borrowing from China to pay for gratuitous PBS programming like Sesame Street, I grew a little apprehensive about that reference, fearing that Big Bird was once again about to make an uninvited appearance in my existential universe again. Continue Reading | Contact Kurly


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