No debate


During the debate, Mitt Romney couldn’t have made a case for our vision of a Conservative government any better, and it quickly became clear that President Obama and the Democrats cannot run on their record.

Romney’s performance will help Republicans across the board but we need to stand together and make sure this momentum doesn’t end. And we’re confident it will continue when Paul Ryan takes on Joe Biden this week.

Learn more about our 3x Momentum Match- Link:

Governor Romney in the White House is only part of the story. We need a Republican Majority in the Senate, so a President Romney can put our principles to practice:

  • A Republican Senate allows us to REPEAL OBAMACARE
  • A Republican Senate allows us to get our DEFICIT IN CONTROL
  • A Republican Senate allows us to CREATE JOBS

In fact, after the debate, a group of Republican Senators decided we must build on the momentum-matching every donation received by Townhall Subscribers. But this is no ordinary match – they plan to triple every donation!


So step up alongside our Republican Senators and donate to the NRSC before midnight to help us to build on the momentum.  Please contribute now because there’s less than 30 days until the election.

If we accomplish our goal of winning a new Republican Senate Majority, it will be thanks to you. That’s not an exaggeration.

Thank you in advance!


Senator John Cornyn

NRSC Chairman


Bazzo 10/09/12

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