Kurly Writes in Florida Voices:Obama Campaign Peaked Too Early

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Florida Voices

Steven Kurlander: Obama Campaign Peaked Too Early

Published in The Florida Voices on 10/4/2012





“The success of political campaigns often comes down to one or two defining moments that capture the essence of a candidate. The power of political debates is that they can provide those moments for those who come prepared. After participating in 17 debates over the last two years, a seasoned Romney seized the moment and out-debated a lackluster and less-prepared Obama.”


Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit

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by Steven Kurlander


A political earthquake shook the presidential race Wednesday night when Mitt Romney out-debated President Obama and changed the narrative for the campaign’s remaining four weeks. The Mitt Romney who appeared on stage in Denver was a brand new, electrifying candidate — presidential in his knowledge and oratory, capturing and controlling the pulse of the debate. For the entire 90 minutes, Romney was gregarious, animated and tough, shedding the stiff corporate aura that has characterized his campaign style. Suddenly, he became a lot easier to warm up to, a viable alternative to the charismatic Obama…Continue Reading | Contact Kurly

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