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Roundup of Uncensored Sullivan County News & More!

Today’s Sullivan County Uncensored News: 

Political Cronyism in Sullivan County: Parties always agree the other is to blame

Republican and Democratic party partisans are in full and vocal agreement about a major problem facing Sullivan County – political cronyism, the kind that gets people appointed to well-paying jobs with good benefits and a strong whiff of favoritism. Now, if they could only agree on a solution.

The Cunninghams: Reinventing the family farm; corn maze and country story in Bethel

The sign in front of the old family farmhouse said the farm was established in 1866. It’s been through a number of reincarnations, for instance when, according to the farm’s website, “Timothy Cunningham changed the farm to growing sweet corn to sell directly to consumers. There was a roadside stand out on Route 17B where customers could stop to pick up dinner. This was in the days when you could leave a can on the table and trust people to leave their money if the grandkids had gotten tired of sitting out by the table and wanted a break.”


Irving Cohen, Maitre d’ of Concord Hotel in Catskills, Dies at 95

Early October is usually prime time for leaf-peeping in the Catskills. This year, it’s time for deer-hunting too, thanks to a rule change by the state Department of Environmental Conservation that puts the start of the season about two weeks earlier than in previous years. Bowhunting season for New York’s Southern zone, which includes all of the Catskills region along with a huge swath of the rest of the state, began today and runs through November 16. Firearm deer hunting season begins on November 17.


Liblick: Overriding Tax Cap Was a Sad Necessity

Our Albany lawmakers are playing a shell game with county governments and know in their heart of hearts that tax caps can never work as long as they refuse to do something with state mandates. Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther and State Senator John Bonacic voted in favor of tax caps. In a political advertisement…Gunther highlights her support of a property tax cap. How does Assemblywoman Gunther expect Sullivan County to balance its budget without lifting Albany’s tax cap? What mandated programs or services should our county legislators cut in order to do so?

Huffington Post

When we went to check it out on a recent weekend, we were sufficiently freaked out by the former resort’s eeriness. Weeds and even bright flowers, lined the area, and there was more graffiti on the buildings than anticipated. Though it was a beautiful fall day, you couldn’t escape the feeling of being watched.


I realized the other day that I had been quietly unfriended on Facebook and I could not help but think how much better things were 50 years ago, when a relationship went south and you knew why. Let me give you an example of how the people in my family unfriended someone when I was growing up in the Catskills:


Two local laws will be up for public hearings before the Sullivan County Legislature next month, each dealing with the growing substance abuse problem of young people. One law would prohibit the sale and possession of synthetic cannabinoids, and the operation of a vehicle while under the influence of such drugs. The other law is a variant of “social host” laws enacted in other area counties, including neighboring Ulster. The difference is that the age of criminal responsibility will be set two years higher than age 16, which is state law..


Sullivan County & Catskill Mountain Quickies:

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Florida Voices
Florida Voices:
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Today’s Featured “Uncensored Sullivan County Facebook” Page Post:

Nickel & Diming Residents of Sullivan County

Martin A Gonzalez: I just received a post card from Time Warner. $3.95 for Internet Modem Rentals. WTF. How long are these companies going to nickel & dime us. I’ll be buying my own. NY politicians, do you see what’s happening here. Do you see why we’re moving out. Read Responding Comments from Uncensored SC Members

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Recent Uncensored New York State News & Views:

Steve Israel: State legislators will spend our money to raise their own pay

You say you haven’t heard them talk about those raises while they’re campaigning? You say you haven’t heard them mention the pay increases they want to give themselves on top of the $79,500 they now get for their part-time jobs – plus the $171 per day they receive just for showing up in Albany? Oh, and many of them make thousands more if they’re lucky enough to chair a committee. All of which makes our Albany lawmakers the third-highest-paid state legislators in the country.


Third Court Upholds Local Municipal Authority to Ban Gas Drilling

Significantly, the Court explicitly held that the Gas Mining Law (which provides that municipalities may not enact laws relating to the ‘regulation’ of the gas industry) did not preempt or take away the authority of local governments to pass protective laws “pertaining to gas explorations, storage and extraction.” The Court described the decisions in the Dryden and Middlefield cases as “well reasoned, [and] well founded,” explicitly adopted the reasoning of those cases as its own, and explicitly held that the City’s Two-Year Law was not superseded (preempted) by the Gas Mining Law.


Governor Cuomo says he’s not backing away from fracking, despite two delays announced recently by his environmental agency.


If New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, cannot bring banks and bankers to justice for the mortgage debacle, it won’t be for lack of trying. It will be for lack of resources and political will that only federal partners can provide, including the Justice Department, the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission and, most important, President Obama.

Bazzo 10/05/12

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