President Obama, we don’t want trickle down government

President Obama, we don’t want trickle down government.


President Obama promised to fix the economy “in three years,” or he’d face a “one term proposition.” He promised unemployment would be below 5.5 percent by now. He promised to cut the deficit in half.

Instead, the middle-class has been “buried” (to borrow a phrase from the Vice President).  Twenty-three million Americans are struggling for work, and nearly one in six Americans is living in poverty.  And still, President Obama and liberal Democrats are asking for another chance to get it right.


Our country and our great state can’t afford to give it to them.

New York has drawn an intense focus from the Obama-Pelosi forces: In 2010, you and your fellow New Yorkers sent more new Republicans to Congress than any other state. Now, with just 33 days left they need your support!


Your generous support$33, or any amountwill help us combat the daily Democratic distortions and aggressively support our candidates across the state in their fight against the liberal Super PACs. New Yorkers must do whatever we can to prevent the return of Nancy Pelosi as Madam Speaker!


Please help us support our Republican candidates and principles across the state by clicking HERE and making your secure online donation for any amount today!


Go to to find out more about the New York Republican State Committee


Bazzo 10/05/12

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