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Falk’s Failure to Condemn Sheldon Silver’s Actions

Shows True Fault; War on Women

Failure to Condemn Sexual Harassment, Unethical Payouts Are an Insult to Women


October 4, 2012; Yorktown Heights, NY – While Candidate Andrew Falk has tried time and again to paint Assemblyman Katz as anti-Woman, his silence regarding Sheldon Silver’s abuse of power is a public disgrace and a vain attempt to “go along to get along” in order to join the Old Boys’ Club in Albany.


To clarify: Assemblyman Katz voted against the Fair Pay Act for the simple reason that these proposed referenda are already on the books via the Equal Pay Act of 1964 (section 206) and the New York State Human Rights Law (section 296).


Katz voted against this proposal to demonstrate that New Yorkers do not need multiple laws to promote the same outcome. Part of Dr. Katz’ mission is to rally against excessive and redundant legislation in Albany.


More important, however, is that legislative leaders such as  Steve Katz have taken a stand against Silver’s abuse of both power and taxpayer funds, Andrew Falk stands on the sidelines, hoping to avoid ruffling Silver’s gilded feathers. This is unacceptable. Sheldon Silver used taxpayer funds to cover up a string of sexual allegations made by young female interns.


“This is Public Service 101,” stated Steve Katz. “When an elected official abuses their power, decent and responsible leaders step forward on behalf of their constituents and demand truth and accountability.”


Steve Katz and other leaders recently put forward a petition demanding that Governor Cuomo invoke the Moreland Act and appoint an independent investigator to review Speaker Sheldon Silver’s history of payouts and unethical practices. Mr. Falk refuses to sign the petition.

The petition can be found here: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/petition-to-invoke-the-moreland-act/

Mr. Falk’s refusal to sign the petition shows that he has put politics over the safety of these victims. Moreover it displays flagrant lack of concern for accountability in Albany and a disregard for basic standards of decency and respect towards Women. There are now three known instances where Speaker Silver used taxpayer funds to silence allegations of sexual assault, harassment and rape in Albany.


In light of Speaker Silver’s actions, an independent investigator is the only reasonable response. Mr. Falk’s first failure of the general election was to take Silver’s side.


“Mr. Falk’s failure to do the right thing and condemn Sheldon Silver is shameful; we cannot wait for him to change is his mind while Albany is mired in corruption and waste,” added Dr. Katz.



About Steve Katz

Steve Katz (www.katz4ny.com) currently serves the New York Assembly, 99th District (redistricted to the 94th) and resides in Mohegan Lake, NY with his wife and children. His tenure in the New York Assembly brought about a number of key pieces of common-sense conservative legislation. Dr. Katz is currently spearheading a statewide law requiring a photo ID for elections and has worked tirelessly as an assemblyman to reduce New York’s tax burden and eliminate excessive regulations on businesses. Katz is a veterinarian and has been a small business owner more than 25 years.









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