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Roundup of Uncensored Sullivan County News & More!

Today’s Sullivan County Uncensored News: 

Take a Gay-cation in Sullivan County

Gay and lesbian couples have long visited and settled into our beautiful and easily accessible Sullivan County Catskills. It’s less than two hours from Manhattan – and affords couples country escapes in any season. Many businesses are gay-owned and gay friendly.

Deal with Monticello eases way for stalled nightlife project

Ting has signed a contract with the village that could free $1.7 million in state money for the Entertainment Village project. In May, Ting patched the roof and shored up the building at 426 Broadway, where he plans to open a rock nightclub. At that time, he praised village officials for working with him and said he was going to work continuously on the building and later at 470 Broadway, where he plans a jazz nightclub. He called the contract a mere formality. On Friday, he blamed the village for inaction. “They (the village) have not been cooperative for the past seven months,” Ting said.


Look out, Bambi: Bowhunting season begins today

Early October is usually prime time for leaf-peeping in the Catskills. This year, it’s time for deer-hunting too, thanks to a rule change by the state Department of Environmental Conservation that puts the start of the season about two weeks earlier than in previous years. Bowhunting season for New York’s Southern zone, which includes all of the Catskills region along with a huge swath of the rest of the state, began today and runs through November 16. Firearm deer hunting season begins on November 17.


“Thunder on the Mountain” Raises Funds for Two Local Cancer Care Organizations

The Allyson Whitney Foundation and the Brittany Miller Foundation were the beneficiaries of the fundraising event Thunder on the Mountain sponsored by Thunder 102 radio as part of the 2nd Annual Derk Vanwolde Memorial Event. Thunder on the Mountain took place on Friday, September 28 and was held at Holiday Mountain Ski & Fun Park. The event featured entertainment by Alyssa Startup, Jason Casterlin, Mark Wayne Glasmire and Sean Patrick McGraw, with the Star Spangled Banner performed by the 2012 Texaco Country Showdown Winner Cathy Paty.

Post WW II, there were over 400 egg farms in Sullivan County, NY. New York State was the 3rd largest producer of eggs in the US with Sullivan County as the largest producer. Today only 2 egg  farms remain. This documentary website is an informal history of egg farms in Sullivan County as described in the interviews of egg farmers, their children and individuals who worked in the companion hatcheries, wholesalers, starter pullet, meat bird and brooder farms as well as at Inter-County Feed Coop.


For firefighter Lisa Wood, one of the driving forces behind the 9-11 monument, the quest was personal. In the Army, she came to know Sgt. Frederick Ill Jr. Years later, as a member of FDNY Ladder 3, Ill was one of 343 firefighters killed at the World Trade


A ground-mounted solar electric system on the grounds of the Robert B. Travis Building at the Sullivan County Human Services Complex in Liberty has been completed. The largest municipal photovoltaic system in the county, the 49.9 kW system provides a portion of the power consumed by the buildings and is expected to generate 60,200 kWh annually, the equivalent of saving 4,800 gallons of gasoline, or offsetting 45 tons of carbon dioxide.


Sullivan County & Catskill Mountain Quickies:

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Today’s Featured “Uncensored Sullivan County Facebook” Page Post:

Coaches and Parents

Regina Hooks: Does a coach have the right to make under handed remarks and digs and when do you step in as a parent without your child getting mad or getting benched. No this is not about me or my daughter conversation with a friend who the coach always say smart remarks and comments right down to talking about parents with other coaches in front of the kids. I think its a form of bullying in my opinion.

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Recent Uncensored New York State News & Views:

Commentary: Silent majority defeated McDonald

The arrogance of McDonald in his vote and his coarse, vulgar comments were not taken lightly by his constituents who uphold the sanctity, and normalcy of marriage between a man and woman. The fact is, there continues to exist a silent majority that still adheres to old-fashioned notions like morality, virtue, decency, values, integrity, standards and Godliness. They take great offense when unfairly portrayed as hateful or intolerant to the “enlightened” views of the radical progressives who attempt to promote perversion, immorality and unnatural proclivities as a “right” and “societal benefit.”


Jobs, development, schools are top area concerns, Marist/Dyson study finds

“This far-reaching report provides a window into the day-to-day lives of Mid-Hudson Valley residents, clearly demonstrating their challenges, hopes and priorities. We hope the region’s leaders and service providers will utilize this resource to help guide their actions on residents’ behalf,” said Robert Dyson, President of the Dyson Foundation.A total of 4,433 residents living in Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Sullivan,and Ulster Counties were interviewed from February 2nd through March 14 th, 2012. Surveyresults for all residents are statistically significant at ±1.5%.


Environmentalists and health experts have long been calling for an in-depth health analysis of fracking, and while this is not what they had in mind, some of them have the view that it might be a positive step.

Related: New York Will Probably Restart Review Process on Fracking


President Obama’s frequent trips to New York City – for everything from official appearances to champagne-soaked fund-raisers – have already cost New Yorkers well in excess of $2 million in additional security at Kennedy Airport, The Post has learned.

Bazzo 10/04/12

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