Kurly Writes in Sun Sentinel: Akin Rising from The Dead Could Kill Romney & GOP

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Steven Kurlander: Akin rising from the dead, but could kill Romney & GOP

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 10/04/2012




“Despite the fact the misogynist Akin time and time again throughout his political career has shown an archaic religious fervor for making bizarre statements and taking irrational stands at the expense of a rudimentary common sense perception of sexual terms and politics, some influential right wing Republicans are now throwing critical money and resources back into what was perceived as an unwinnable race.”g is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit

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by Steven Kurlander


It’s amazing how a few weeks can quickly change one’s political life in American politics.

Just when we thought he basically was gone and buried, Missouri Republican senatorial candidate Todd Akin is making a comeback – and even getting renewed support from some GOP conservatives who shunned him in August.

Remember Akin?  He’s the one that made that incredibly stupid statement that it was unlikely for a victim of a “legitimate rape” to become pregnant “because the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

That remark had even the most conservative, right wing GOP bible thumpers cringing in their pulpits – all except for Fox News host and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who stood by his man at the time and urged his fans to support Akin… Continue Reading | Send Feedback to Kurly

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