Izzarelli offers real solutions, Galef sticks to political talking points



Izzarelli offers real solutions, Galef sticks to political talking points



October 3, 2012 – The first forum between the two candidates for the 95th Assembly district showed a sharp contrast this election cycle. Kim Izzarelli and Sandy Galef squared off yesterday in their first of four debates, fielding questions from the Journal News/LoHud.com Editorial Board.


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Addressing a wide variety of topics, Izzarelli offered a solid analysis about the current economic climate facing our local community, as well as the toxic political climate plaguing Albany. Izzarelli repeatedly confronted Mrs. Galef about her half-stance positions, and offering real solutions to address New York’s rising energy costs, curtailing state spending and transparency in government.


“Mrs. Galef did a very good job of dancing around,” stated Izzarelli during the debate after Mrs. Galef sidestepped a question on reforming state education.


In contrast, Sandy Galef, who has spent 33 years on the government payroll, stuck to her overused political talking points. Often changing the question to fit her personal script, Mrs. Galef refused to address some of the most pressing issues in our community, stating in response to one question: “That answer could be a yes or a no…” Refusing to offer any real position on New York’s environmental policy, Mrs. Galef touted her recent political endorsements instead.


Stating that Albany was on the “right track,” the 20-year incumbent refused to directly address the district’s rising property taxes, unfunded mandates or the ongoing investigation of her own party leader and political ally, Speaker Sheldon Silver. In fact, Mrs. Galef stated she did call for Mr. Silver’s resignation before explaining why she would not do so.


“Our first forum truly showed how out of touch Mrs. Galef is with her district,” said Izzarelli. “After two decades in Albany it is clear who our Assemblywoman works for, and if we want to change Albany then we can start by changing who we send there.”


Izzarelli and Galef will debate three more times before the November 6 election. The next forum will be this Thursday, October 4, moderated by the Westchester Examiner and filmed by PCTV.

“We are forcing Mrs. Galef to defend her record of bad fiscal policies and poor leadership,” said Nick D’Angelo, campaign manager for Izzarelli. “She has never been challenged in this way before and she has never agreed to debate this many times before. It shows the strength of Kim’s message and the competitiveness of this campaign.”


In September, Westchester Rising profiled the campaign for the 95th Assembly district as one of the competitive races to watch in 2012. Izzarelli, a single mother of two, spent fifteen years in the private financial sector, most recently as an internal auditor.

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