Four State Senate Candidates Endorsed by New Yorkers for Growth – Including Bob Cohen

Bazzo 10/04/12

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New Yorkers for Growth Endorses

Four Candidates for State Senate

New York–Oct. 1…New Yorkers for Growth, an organization committed to bringing fiscal responsibility to New York State government, today announced that it has endorsed four candidates for state senate in New York.

Those candidates are:

  1. George Amedore, candidate for the 46th District in the Capital Region;
  2. Phil Boyle, candidate for the 4th District in Suffolk County;
  3. Bob Cohen, candidate for the 37th District in Westchester County; and
  4. Sean Hanna, candidate for the 55th District in the Rochester region.

Messrs. Amedore, Boyle, and Hanna are sitting Assemblymen.  Mr. Cohen is a businessman who narrowly lost to the now-retiring Suzi Oppenheimer in the last election.

New Yorkers for Growth is a fiscal watchdog group that supports candidates who, regardless of party, favor and vote for lower taxes, reduced reliance on debt, and

reform of State and local spending. The group is particularly focused on candidates who support mandate relief and reform of the public pension system.

Carla Kerr, spokesman for New Yorkers for Growth, said, “We’re proud to back these

four candidates for Senate. We’re confident they will win and will do right by the taxpayers of New York in the coming term.”

“George Amedore has served as Assemblyman since 2007. He believes in

lowering personal income tax rates across the board, and lowering taxes and decreasing regulations for businesses, so that starting a business in New York does not continue to be prohibitively expensive. He has introduced specific legislation to lower

spending, including by allowing school districts to consolidate administrative services.

“Phil Boyle has served in the Assembly since 2006. He supports the job

creation plan proposed by Senate Republicans that includes eliminating taxes

on manufacturers, cutting taxes 20% across the board for other small businesses, reducing the cost of energy, providing tax incentives for business to create jobs, and continuing the 2% property tax cap.

“Bob Cohen has been a small business owner for 25 years and he is keenly

aware of the effects of over-regulation and excessive taxation.

Bob supports cutting the fees, regulations, and red-tape that suffocate

small business. He also has unveiled a multipoint plan for mandate relief,

including the State takeover of Medicaid administration and serious public

pension reform, including introduction of a defined contribution plan for

new hires.

“Sean Hanna has served in the Assembly since 2010. He boldly proposes to

repeal all unfunded mandates, and to reduce the size of New York State

government which,incredibly, currently includes 1,000 State government agencies.

New Yorkers for Growth will hold a fundraiser for these candidates on Wednesday, Oct 3.


For more information on New Yorkers for Growth, please visit:

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