*Flip Flop Alert* Response to Ball’s Flip-Flop on Min Wage

The Justin Wagner campaign issued the following statement in response to incumbent Sen. Greg Ball’s flip-flop on the minimum wage.
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Press Release

Our apologies to those receiving this twice…
For Immediate Release: October 3, 2012

Please Contact: Linna Loangkote | linna@justinwagner2012.com | (626) 758-7712
Wagner Camp Responds to Ball Flip-Flop on Minimum Wage
Response Video Link: http://youtu.be/3soMqkBDEGA
Peekskill, NY – The Justin Wagner campaign issued the following statement in response to incumbent Sen. Greg Ball’s flip-flop on the minimum wage:
Comment from Justin Wagner:

“So, Greg Ball is now for small business tax cuts and an increase in the minimum wage? Funny, that’s been my proposal for the last year. Even funnier, just last week in our Poughkeepsie Journal editorial board meeting Senator Ball said increasing the minimum wage ‘doesn’t make sense’ and would result in ‘businesses laying off people.’ In fact, Ball is still promoting campaign material that attacks me for supporting a minimum wage increase.  If there’s one thing that Hudson Valley voters understand it’s that Greg Ball will say anything during election season.”

Comment from Wagner campaign manager Steve Napier:

“This a huge flip-flop — just recently Senator Ball was calling a minimum wage increase an ‘extreme proposal to raise costs on small businesses’ in his campaign materials.”
“Actually, that quote is still part of Ball’s anti-Wagner web site and the accompanying creepy web video — but we totally understand. When you flip-flop on an issue this abruptly, sometimes it’s hard to go back and really scrub your record clean.”
But speaking seriously for a moment, we all know why Greg just flip-flopped. Justin has been pushing for over a year for a minimum wage increase and for help for small businesses — and Greg Ball is trying to rewrite his own record. That’s why he lied about his votes on equal pay for women, that’s why he’s flip-flopping on the minimum wage, and that’s why every third word out of his mouth is Governor Cuomo’s name. But Justin’s values are more in line with Governor Cuomo’s values and those of Hudson Valley voters.”
Background & Links: Justin Wagner has supported raising the minimum wage so that working families in the Hudson Valley, who know the true meaning of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, will receive an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. September 9, 2012: http://www.theexaminernews.com/wagner-calls-for-minimum-wage-increase/ Last year, Justin Wagner’s first order of campaign business was to create working plan to help small businesses in the Hudson Valley. To implement a climate of entrepreneurship, Justin proposed that small businesses receive tax credits for new hires. October 7, 2011: http://www.justinwagner2012.com/2011/10/11/607/ Senator Greg Ball has been the biggest critic of Justin’s stance on increasing the minimum wage and claimed (wrongly) that its increase would hurt small businesses, claiming that “as many as 43,489 jobs” would be eliminated if the minimum wage were to be increased by $1.25. This quote still appears on Senator Ball’s attack website aimed at Justin Wagner. See screenshot and link to video: http://youtu.be/a8eH0AloxWY
Poughkeepsie Journal Editorial Board Meeting Video: http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/videonetwork/1864981602001 (see 44:20)
Bazzo 10/04/12
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