Robin Murphy is Dancing for Hillside Food Outreach and Asks/Begs for Your Support!

Happy Tuesday!
Despite my having 2 left feet, I am participating in Hillside Food Outreach’s 4th Annual “Dancing with Our Stars” event this Saturday, October 6th.  If you don’t know Hillside Food Outreach, it is a volunteer organization that delivers food to over 2000 hungry families in Westchester, Putnam and western Fairfield, who are in need of food assistance but cannot access local pantries.
I first met the director, Kathy Purdy, several years ago and was impressed with HFO and the job it does filling an important need in our community.  Gary and I had “adopted a family” through HFO and when Kathy called a few months back to ask if I would be involved in this event, I expected she wanted us to take out an ad in the program. When she asked me to consider dancing, I laughed out loud and accused her of being insane. In the end, I decided that helping to raise much-needed funds for this organization (which doesn’t take any public money) is worth the risk of embarrassing myself either a little or a lot!
Since July, I have been working to learn dance steps and more. It’s been hard work (though I admit, more fun than I ever expected) and now there are only a few days til the night of the competition — gulp — and I am asking if you will help me out.
Please click here and cast a vote for me (or as many votes as you can!) and support hungry families at the same time. The whole $10 donation goes directly to feeding our neighbors in need — HFO is a great example of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, everyone involved is a volunteer (including yours truly who delivers food monthly to 3 seniors and a family with two young kids whose mom is battling depression). The donation is fully tax deductible as HFO is a 503(c)(3) not-for-profit food pantry.
And if you have this Saturday, October 6th free on your calendar and you’re interested in attending the live event, here is where you can purchase the tickets, I’d be forever grateful to see your friendly face in the audience.
I appreciate whatever you can do in support of Hillside Food Outreach and their mission (and me too!).
Yours truly, Robin Murphy
Bazzo 10/02/12
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